• Rules of Engagement: Why you should care about Facebook’s Story Bump


We all moan and groan any time Facebook changes any feature on their social platform, claiming Facebook is no longer user friendly. Their latest move is a great game changer for business! Much like Google, Facebook has taken a turn in updating its algorithm, known as EdgeRank, to reward posts or stories with the most user engagement.

According to Social Media Examiner, the average Facebook user may very well see up to 1,500 posts a day. If you are a Facebook user yourself, you know it is near impossible to see every single post. So how does Facebook decide which posts their users should see? Their latest algorithm: Story Bump. This new systems boosts and promotes the posts with the most engagement (Likes, shares, and comments) first.

Think of this similar to TiVo or Netflix; you can leave Facebook and come back later to finish seeing what posts you left off with, but also suggestions of posts that are most relevant and meaningful to you. With this newest update, Facebook aims to provide a new level of personalization for you and your followers.

What does this mean for business owners on Facebook? It’s time to get even more creative with your posts and see what content your consumers and followers love, what they will interact with most. From there, you can take the best of the best and repeat the style or type of content to continue getting maximum engagement on your posts – and therefore greater visibility in customers’ newsfeeds.

Creating content people love is a guaranteed way to get the heart of your consumers. With Story Bump, your followers can see when people really love what you have to say, and likely dig deeper to see what else you might have. Proof that word of mouth is the best form of avertising, even digital word of mouth. 

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