• Reputation Management: What is it, and why you should care


How many customers are you losing out on due to a bad review? The dangers of not knowing what’s being said about your business are immeasurable. A bad review that goes unanswered can seriously tarnish your business’ reputation!

You know what your personal reputation is. It’s defined as “the estimation in which a person or thing is held, especially by the community or the public generally;” your “standing for merit, achievement, reliability, etc.” The same goes for your business. Just as your own personal reputation is important for you to maintain and stay on top of by making sure you know how you are perceived and what people say about you, so too should you be aware of your business’ reputation in the general public.

What are your previous customers saying about you? What is your standing in the community? How do customers perceive your business? People make comments all the time on sites like Yelp, Google Places, and many other services. They write reviews and whole narratives on blogs and forums detailing their experiences. What are you losing due to a bad review that goes unaddressed? Reputation Management helps you keep track of all those mentions across the web so you can respond to and address comments and stay current on how customers perceive your business.

70% of people trust online consumer reviews posted by strangers. 90% trust recommendations by people they know. Don’t let your reputation get away from you! Make sure you know about and respond to what’s being said about your business.

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