• Rebel With a Cause: Marketing that Matters


Do you fight for a cause you believe in?

Do your customers?

Corporate responsibility – whether you’re truly corporate or just a one-man shop – is important to consumers. People want to buy from companies that “do good” in the world.

Look at Toms as the perfect example. Their whole business was founded on the principle of giving back – buy a pair of shoes and a pair is given to a child in need. Whether or not they’re truly doing good is up for debate, but either way, it worked. People flocked to Toms to buy their shoes and participate in this charitable ethos.

So what is Cause Marketing, exactly?

Cause marketing is the marriage between a for-profit company and a non-profit/charitable organization. It can encompass any marketing efforts for charitable purposes, whether a food drive, a “buy and we’ll donate” promotion, or other cause.

It can be a real win-win situation for the business and the non-profit organization involved. It’s also a huge win with customers – earning you brownie points and even sales.

Why it Matters

People support businesses that support their communities. Giving back, whether in your community or globally, builds trust and positive impressions of your brand. What do all those good vibes get you? Sales.

89% of Americans would choose one brand over another in favor of the one associated with a “good cause”

89%. Nearly 9 out of 10 people will change their brand preference if one company offers a charitable component. In fact, people will actually spend more if there’s a charitable option!

Show customers that you share their values and goals of making the world a better place. Plus, don’t you want to be the local business that supports your community and gives back to those less fortunate? It’s a great feeling — and a great selling point.

Why it works

Social responsibility is important, and people love finding ways to take part in initiatives to make the world and others’ lives better. When a business provides a clear and obvious way to contribute, people jump at the opportunity.

In fact, 83% of global millennials want businesses to get involved in societal issues. And those millennials are the very sample people who are in the market for your products and services.

Through tying your business to a cause that matters – and is relevant to your business and customers – you position yourself as a caring, compassionate brand people want to buy from. Support an organization that resonates with your audience and you’re sure to win.

People buying from a health & fitness business are obviously interested in those things. They’re also highly likely to want to support nonprofits that promote healthy living or help those in need get the food or nutrition education they need.

It’s crucial to find a cause you, your employees, and your customers believe in. Once you find a cause to fight for, tell your customers loud and clear that you’re excited to give back and make the world a better place.

Support your customers’ values and they’ll support you!

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