• 10 Reasons to Use Email Marketing for Your Small Business

10 Reasons to Use Email Marketing for Your Small Business

For small businesses like yours, email marketing is still the most effective way to reach and engage your customers. It’s inexpensive, personal and gets seen. If you’re not using email marketing or have neglected it recently, here are 10 reasons why email marketing should be in your toolkit.

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10 Reasons to Use Email Marketing for Your Small Business

Email Brings Customers Back to Your business

When your customers sign up for your list, they give you permission to contact them. That means they are interested in your business, product, or service. Research shows that consumers want to hear from their local businesses. They want to:

  • See what’s new
  • Take advantage of offers
  • Participate in events

Email is Personal and Private

Communication with your customers is very personal. Signing up for your email list is more private as compared to social networks. You have options to target your audience and personalize your message—even make personalized offers to different customers.

You Can Reach Customers on Desktop and Mobile

You don’t need to start a new mobile campaign to reach your customers on their phones. More than 50% of emails are now opened on phones.

You’re in Control

Perhaps the best reason to use email marketing is that you are in control.

  • You make all the decisions about your email marketing efforts.
  • You decide which information to capture when your customers sign up. From their first name to their hobbies.
  • You decide whom to target and how often.
  • You decide what to communicate.

You Own the List

This is a key advantage of email marketing. Your customers are signing up with you. On social media or deal sites, it’s someone else’s list. With email marketing, you don’t share the list with other businesses and can use it in any way you want (as long as you comply with applicable regulation).

Email Helps Your Social Media Efforts

Your list can be a powerful asset for your social media efforts. Upload it to your social networks to:

Email is Measurable

Email marketing platforms give you access to detailed reports— how many recipients you emailed, how many of them opened the email, how many of them clicked on the CTA in your email, and more. Data equips you to make informed decisions about your marketing efforts and helps you to continually refine your emails for optimal engagement.

You Can Strengthen Your Brand

Every piece of content you create for your audience is an opportunity for them to get to know your brand personality a little more. The more familiar they are with it, the more likely they are to engage with it. You can use your marketing emails to show the many sides of your business— your expertise, your sense of humor, your values, your personality, and more.

People Check Email

Email has been around for ages, but it has not lost its popularity. Think about how many times a day you check your email—whether you’re waiting for an important message, browsing around on your phone, or waiting in line at the store. To market your business, you need to be where your audience is, and there is no doubt that they are on their phones checking email.

Email is Visual

Email doesn’t have to just be text. In fact, it shouldn’t be. A good marketing email has visual elements like a branded header and footer, appealing images, and call to action buttons. Consumers appreciate and engage with attractive content from businesses.

So there you have it. Ten reasons to use email marketing for your business. It’s a tried and true marketing tactic that works, so if you haven’t already, get started today.


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