• Psychology of Facebook 101


Psychology of Facebook 101

Bringing it back to human fundamentals with your Facebook posts

Prologue: Take all that you have learned about social media marketing and put it on a shelf. Forget about clicks, impressions, and reach. Forget about the data.

Right now, we are throwing out the “rule book” and focusing on what we as humans know best – other humans.

Facebook survives on basic human elements, rather than on the latest Google Algorithm. Its business pages are not meant to be used as an extension of a website on which advertising is forced on consumers. Instead it should be used to make fans feel like they’re part of an active, engaging, and interesting community.

And what better way to make a fan feel included and engaged than to start thinking and feeling like a fan? Put on your psychology caps and let’s get started!

Chapter 1:  Touching the heart

One sure way to engage your Facebook fans is to present them with a post that tugs on the ole’ heart strings. The best post to get the job done? A quote. Get inspirational! The quote doesn’t necessarily have to do with your business or services, but rather serves to evoke the emotions of your audience that will tie them together with other like members of your audience.

For example, on May 28th of this year, this post went out on Starbucks’ Facebook business page:

Blog - heart.JPG

This quote has nothing to do with Starbucks coffee, but it does reach out to Starbucks fans. It resonantes with the collective emotions of the audience and draws them in with a quote that is relatable.

It attracts the 23 year old female with a broken heart and the 30 year old writer looking for inspiration. In both cases, these twenty-four words brought in 25,000 likes, 191 comments, and 3,032 shares. It drew them in from near and far and touched their hearts.

Chapter 2: Appealing to the eyes 

There is a famous saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. In the Facebook world, a picture is worth roughly 1,000 Likes. According to one study, a photo-related post generates 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs.

Needless to say, images catch the eye more than a thousand words do. If you need more proof, need I remind you there is an entire platform dedicated to just images: formally known as Instagram.

Blog - Eyes.JPG

In the case of this photo posted by Starbucks on November 5th, a picture is worth exactly 105,790 likes, 943 shares and 285 comments. They pulled their audience together with one single image and reminded them of the joys of the fall season, pumpkins, the holidays and a warm cup of coffee.

Now, wasn’t it more appealing to view that picture than it was to read that last sentence? The proof is in the pudding… or in this case the coffee!

Chapter 3: Convincing the Mind

People are constantly using their minds and imaginations to think about the world around them. Each of them has a voice that they want to be heard, so why not provide them with that platform?

Why not outright create a post asking your fans a question? Bring your audience together and give them a space where they can be heard. It’s one of the easiest ways to get those comments flowing.

blog - mind.JPG

Using a simple ‘this’ or ‘that’ question, Starbucks managed to pull in 35,373 likes, 1,076 posts and 383 shares. That kind of display proved one thing: people want to be part of a community, and feel included. Facebook is platform where everyone has a voice. Adding a little silly personality doesn’t hurt, either.

Chapter 4: Making Music for the Ears

As a business, it’s important to listen to what’s going on in the world, and the community around you. You share this world in common with your fans and audience, so you can use this information to draw them in. Generally, if it’s part of their world they’re going to listen.

Let’s go back to our prized student, Starbucks, as an example…

Blog- ears.JPG

Knowing that Veterans Day touches almost every American in one way or another, Starbucks used this day to reach out to an even greater audience. In this post, they became more than just a business serving coffee and pastries. They became a member of a community acknowledging and praising the efforts of the United States Military. Listening to the world around them, they brought in 123,652 likes, 18,007 shares and 2,565 comments.


So what have we learned? Appealing to some of the main human senses is a great way to tackle your business Facebook posts. A Facebook business page is a great platform to step back from the business side of things and bring a personality and life to your company or organization.

To get the best engagement, interact with your audience and fans, and draw them in based on humanity rather than products. People want feel, experience, be challenged, and be heard. You have the opportunity to give that to them each and every day you log in to your Facebook account to post.

I now encourage you to review Chapters 1 – 4 – your first test is tomorrow! Remember, spelling and grammar comments and ‘Likes’ will count!

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