• How Professional Email Signatures Can Make Email Blasts More Effective

In the modern age, almost all of our communications have moved into the digital realms. We’re swapping out phone calls for texts and social media networks like Facebook, and a good chunk of important advertising is based online. If your company uses email marketing or email-based customer support, knowing what to type is key to making or breaking your business.

One of the most remarkably overlooked places for marketing your business comes in professional email signatures. In a way, email signatures are digital business cards. They provide a professional persona, and can even include helpful or enticing information for customers. By following the general rules for email blasts and including a professional email signature, you can increase the effectiveness of your emails.

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Why You Need an Email Signature

Email signatures, while often being undervalued, are something your company is inevitably judged on. When communicating through email, the style and content of your email will give customers an impression of you. Make sure it’s a good one.

There are more reasons why you should have a uniform and specially-crafted email signature:

  • Convey your voice. Your email signature should be both professional but also a bit more intimate. Use it to express your company’s “personality.”
  • Communicate. Email signatures are the fastest way for an email contact to find your contact information.
  • Market. Use email signatures to convey a general message or spread the word about a promotion, event, or more.
  • Minimize legal rights. Confidentiality, legal and privacy email disclaimers can fit snugly into an email signature. You can legally protect yourself and minimize any legal claims.
  • Show off your graphic design skills. If it looks good, people will like it more. 

How to Craft Professional Email Signatures

There are several features of the best professional signatures for email. Generally, an email signature for your business should be meet the following requirements:

  • Name, business name, or logo should be clearly displayed
  • Social Media and Website Links to your business’s website and social media platforms
  • Contact information for easy non-email communication 
  • Engaging information like your latest tweet or eBook
  • Eye-catching and in line with business brand
  • Link to a downloadable vCard, which people can use to easily save your company’s information to their address book.
  • Performs reliably across platforms, Internet browsers, and devices
  • Includes confidentiality or privacy notices if necessary

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Overall, your email signature should be technically robust, rich in clarity, should have some other colors to make it pop, and be well-structured and organized. Your new email signatures will have many advantages, including showing off your professionalism and proving your company is innovative and keeping up with the latest technology. It adds a lasting final touch that will stick in customers’ minds long after they’ve closed your emails. If you’re after success, after all, you have to be polished in all areas. Email signatures might seem like just a cranny in those areas to be improved upon, but it’s an important one that can yield great results if used properly.

Tips for The Best Professional Email Signatures

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to crafting an aesthetically pleasing, authentic, and useful email signature. In making your template, you should choose colors that match your brand. Mismatching your email signature from the colors featured on your company’s website or in your company’s logo is odd on the eye, and it will look messy to email readers.

Add your business details to your business email signatures. Every staff member’s signature should have their full name, their official job title, their contact number, the company’s contact number, and their email. It should also include the company’s website and official address. Additionally, for maximum impact, you should include links to or buttons linking your social media channels.

Of course, there are some fanciful extras you can add, depending on how ambitious you’re feeling. Add a call-to-action, news about upcoming events, links to promotions, your company’s tagline, or anything similarly valuable you can think of. Remember that your email signature is not just a place for stating information; it’s a ways to capture more customers.

How to Create Professional Email Signatures

There are several methods of creating professional email signatures, the most common of which is creating an HTML template. An HTML template is created and manually edited and installed for every user in the company. This is best done by a professional who is familiar in HTML programming on a large scale. This is the way you can get the most customized signatures and get every point you want squeezed into your signature in. An IT professional will help you condense the information, design the graphics and scheme of the email template, and help you style it to neatness and perfection.

If you don’t want to go the IT professional route, there are more options. For example, you can also use a software program to create professional email signatures or include a signature in your Gmail Settings if you use Gmail as an email provider

A third option, if you don’t want to invest in software, is to use an online email signature creation service like WiseStamp. With such a service, you enter your contact information into a form and then the software produces a finish signature which you can install in your email host server. 

Get Sending!

Experiment and see which signature is for you. If you’re new to email marketing, consider hiring a marketing professional or read more about sending email blasts to customersA marketing professional can down with you and show you how to craft the best email signature for your company step-by-step.

Once you’ve perfected your email signature, start using it on all your emails and see the results it makes. You might see more email engagement, greater business, or even compliments. Regardless of how apparent the benefits are, rest assured that sending professional email signatures will make your business look better to all your customers.

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