• The Professional Edge: 6 Reasons Why You Should Trust a PPC Pro With Your Google Advertising


Are you looking to grow your business? Do you want to be easily found on Google? Do you want to be where potential customers are searching for your products or services?

Google Adwords is your one-stop shop solution!

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is Google’s #1 source of revenue. Their platform, Google Adwords, helps businesses and advertisers target consumers who are already searching for what they have to offer. Google portrays running paid ads as a breeze for anyone, but it’s far more complicated than they make it seem.

Having a professional in your corner will not only save you time and money, but it will deliver far better results than attempting to run an account yourself.

Here are 6 reasons you should trust a professional Adwords expert to grow your business:

1) Save Time & Money

Time is money to a small business owner. Google describes setting up an account with Adwords Express as “easy” and can be completed in just “15 minutes”. Google may make it easy at first glance, but “easy” translates to it will be “easy” to burn up your budget. Managing a PPC campaign is a huge time commitment. It requires constant bid adjustments and optimizations in order to be successful and not waste your budget. The routine maintenance can take a lot of time, especially when you’re inexperienced.

If you’re thinking about running an Adwords account for your business, ask yourself the following:

      • Do you know what keywords make the most sense for your business?
      • Are you using the most cost-efficient keyword match type?
      • What geography target makes the most sense for your business and budget?
      • Do you know how to write an enticing ad that follows Adwords policies?

A PPC professional will know the answers to these questions, and so much more. Experience is what sets a professional apart from a business owner.

2) Professional Expertise

Experience is priceless in any field. When a seasoned mechanic works on a vehicle, they’re using all of their years of experience to look for issues and ways to improve the car’s performance. Certain vehicles may need a specific part to get things working under the hood. The same can be said for a PPC professional.

Sure, anyone can put together an Adwords Express campaign in 15 minutes, just like you could watch a YouTube video to change out your brake pads. With that comes the risk of spending money on bad clicks and your brakes giving out on you on the highway. 

Using past campaign performance and proven strategies can be the key to success for a new search campaign. Past experiences and a knack for data combined with Google Adwords certification is a digital triple threat. Running well-built search campaigns, with the use of advanced tools, is almost guaranteed to deliver good results.

3) Advanced Tools

From advanced algorithmic bid platforms to competitive databases, PPC professionals and digital marketing agencies come with an arsenal of data-driven tools. Some agencies even have proprietary systems that they’ve designed just for their clients’ needs. These platforms make automatic adjustments to keyword bids and ad position based on real-time search data. They typically feature tools like dynamic conversion tracking and geo-specific budget estimations that aren’t available to the public. Working with an agency on this level will also give you access to an even more trusted expertise: Google.

4) Dedicated Google Support

Digital marketing agencies are opted into the Google Partners program as a result of high volume spend and an Adwords-certified team. Becoming a Google Partner unlocks many features that aren’t available to Adwords Express customers or individual Adwords account holders.

These features include:

      • Direct Google support Representative (and sometimes a team)
      • Testing Google beta features and tools
      • Quarterly Business Reviews performed by Google Staff
      • Permission to advertise Google Partner status

5) Strategy-Driven Results

Customized PPC campaigns are built to succeed. One of the most powerful reasons to hire a professional or digital agency is that you’ll know exactly what is happening in terms that you can understand. Google requires results to be transparent, so digital marketing agencies will provide an easy-to-use client dashboard. The dashboard will give you a rundown of performance and the leads that it has delivered. You’ll have a deep understanding of where every dollar is being spent and the business that they drove.

6) Converted Business

At the end of the day, a positive ROI (Return On Investment) is what matters most to every business. Don’t waste your time and money trying to run a search campaign on your own. Get a professional in your corner to spend your marketing dollars efficiently, deliver results that you can understand, and convert quality leads into business. Still not convinced? See for yourself how a professional SEM expert drives real success (like customers and sales) for local businesses like yours.


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