• ThriveHive Announces Alliance with Teenlife

Digital marketing resources now available to TeenLife’s 10,000 partner organizations.

ThriveHive, a leader in small and mid-sized business marketing solutions, today announced a new relationship with TeenLife Media. TeenLife will now offer ThriveHive’s  digital marketing services to the 10,000+ providers of educational programs and services that participate in TeenLife’s media platform.

TeenLife promotes experiences that launch teens into life, with its website listing more than 13,000  summer programs, gap year programs, community service opportunities, private schools, colleges, and services  for students in grades 7-12. TeenLife also publishes special interest guides and blog posts that help students, parents, and educators to find experiences that benefit students.

“Our organizations are mainly small to medium sized-businesses with smaller marketing budgets, and we want to help them grow and get the attention they deserve,” said Marie Schwartz, CEO and Founder of TeenLife. “This new relationship with ThriveHive has filled a gap for us, allowing us to continue to build our community and satisfy any digital marketing needs that these organizations might have. Together, we now have the ability to target audiences on and off the TeenLife platform.”

“At ThriveHive, we are always looking for additional ways to support our community, and TeenLife has curated an unique directory of organizations. We are proud to know our products and services can help support such an important mission,” said Peter Cannone, CEO of ThriveHive.

TeenLife is among the few national media companies that targets families with teenagers. “You see an abundance of resources for infants and young children, but those resources drop off around age 12. As a mother of two sons, I recognized this need first-hand and wanted to make a difference for other families who are scrambling to prepare their teens for success in today’s economy,” Schwartz said.

If you are interested in learning more about the programs that TeenLife features or have an opportunity that benefits teens, please go to www.teenlife.com to learn more or contact mschwartz@teenlife.com

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