• The Party of the Year: Your online marketing strategy


We all know a party just isn’t a party without the right balance of good food, beverages, music playing, and a whole heap of different personalities, not unlike your marketing mix. A solid digital marketing strategy incorporates a few different tools and techniques for a well-rounded approach. Without all those different personalities, there is no party!

When hosting an event, there are a number of critical pieces that all come into play in order to make your party go off without a hitch. It’s all about the right mix of people, places, and things to make your party (and your marketing strategy!) be a great success.

So what does it take? Come, join the party, and see what you need in the mix:

THE VENUE: Set the scene! Do you need a dance floor? A bar? A place for grilling? Finding the right venue can make or break the party. You want to be found in the best location for your guests to ensure they can get there. Keep it local, and in a type of place where they’re sure to feel comfortable.

In the online world, display ads are the venue for your brand. You get to promote your business and your products on a display network targeting exactly the right people. Make impressions on the people to whom your brand is most relevant. You wouldn’t host a gala in a barn, or invite old folks to a kids party, so leverage your display ads to reach people who are most likely to be interested.

THE ACQUAINTANCE: There’s always a friend-of-a-friend at any event. You’re sure you’ve met him before, and you definitely recognize the name, but you’re just not sure when. You’re dying for a reminder of how you know Mr. Acquaintance, when suddenly he appears and you remember!

The Internet can do that for you, too. Retargeting allows you to follow up with your website’s visitors after they’ve left your site to remind them of your first meeting. Your ads can appear throughout a display network to remind previous visitors of what a great time they had with you, and bring them back for more. This tool can be really helpful for business owners who want to say to Mr. Customer: “Hi! Remember me!?”

THE GOSSIP QUEEN: You know you secretly love the nudge on the arm from that person who aways has the juicy details on who’s who’s flirting with whom, and what happend to so-and-so. This is what social media is for!

There are a number of social networks online where people and businesses alike can share information about themselves and engage with others. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Vine are all popular options you could (and should!) be using to get in touch with your customers. Be informative, be fun, and get the conversation started!

YOUR TEENAGE DAUGHTER: Sometimes it can be tough to get your son or daughter to attend the party. She drags her feet and has plenty of ideas of why she shouldn’t have to go. You know the party will be better with her there, so it’s worth agreeing to let her have the car for the weekend in exchange for her participation.

Search Engine Marketing, or Pay-Per-Click Ads, offer a great extra boost to your marketing endeavors. You may have to pay for the ad space, but having your business at the top of the search engine results page can really pay off. And it doesn’t have to be expensive – you only pay when an interested customer clicks to learn more! 

THE INVITATION: How you introduce your party is just as important as the party itself. If it’s a great party – you need to make sure people know about it and that it gets found! Setting the scene for a great party means your invitation’s color scheme, style, and wording should be exactly what the party will be like. If you build it, they will come!

How do you get your business found? Search Engine Optimization is an important online strategy that anyone with a website should consider. Using the right stylistic techniques and behind-the-scenes choices helps boost your website’s ranking in regular search results.

….and then your party wouldn’t be complete without YOU! You represent yourself with how you look, what you say, and who you associate with. At the end of the day, everyone comes to the party because you hosted it, so you need to be present!

Building your online presence starts with having a great website. There is no one else like you, and there should not be any other website like yours! It’s important to make sure that the style and personality of your brick-and-morter business is reflected in the style of your online representation. And it doesn’t hurt to make sure you’re mobile-ready!

When thinking about your online marketing strategy, it’s important to consider the many pieces that contribute to a well-rounded approach. If you only have a website, it’s like throwing a party for one. While your business may be good at what it does – whether you sell fun gifts, help the grass grow, or make epic omelettes – you should utilize all of the marketing capabilities available online to help customers join in the party!

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