Jumpstart Your Marketing in 2013

Let’s face it, marketing has become complicated and time consuming. There are too many options  (Twitter, Facebook, SEM, Email, Direct Mail and many more)  and too little time to run and market your business simultaneously.

Do you need a marketing plan that helps you identify the core activities (online/ offline) you should be doing to grow your business?

Then, you need a Small Business Marketing Jumpstart Package* :

  • A Full Marketing Assessment of Your Business’s Current Marketing
  • A Custom Marketing Plan for Your Business based on Your Goals
  • Two Private Marketing Consultations with Our Experts

*(Over a $400.00 value, Exclusive to NVCC members only with Free Trial signup)

ThriveHive is a small business marketing software and solutions company and a proud NVCC member. We have marketing experts with years of experience helping small businesses grow.  We have put together a package exclusively for NVCC members to help you quickly “jumpstart” your 2013 marketing by leveraging the right activities to drive your business goals.

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