• By The Numbers: Why Blogging Is Good For Business


At first glance, many business owners think that blogging is something that people do purely for pleasure. It seems, instead of writing about business trends and market knowledge, people are more inclined to write about their favorite pizza store or a recent trip, right?

Not so.

Blogging has become an enormous component of business marketing efforts. Whereas your website speaks to your company’s history and describes what you do, your blog is essentially your business’s “voice.” In fact, writing custom content makes 60% of prospective customers feel better about your company, according to Content Plus.

Here, we’ll profile 4 of the most important ways blogging can help your marketing efforts:

1. Blogging Brings in Leads

Blogging isn’t just something that you do for customer convenience. It has real, measurable metrics that illustrate its effectiveness. In fact, businesses who blog get 126% more new leads than those that don’t have a blog. Moreover, they supplement — and perhaps supercede — your advertising efforts, as 70% of customers will learn about your company through blog posts rather than advertisements, according to Social Marketing Writing.

2. It Makes You More Reliable

One of the key things that business owners take into account with marketing channels is the need to convey reliability. There is a large misconception that blog posts aren’t reliable places for consumers to visit to learn more about your business.

The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, Experian says that more than 80% of consumers in the United States consider blogs a valuable way to find out more about products that they’re considering buying.

3. Blog Posts Generate Social Content

Creating content for your social media platforms can often be a difficult endeavor. With blogging, that’s one less thing that you have to worry about. Blogging daily has a massive impact, as it will generate 400% the number of leads than if you post weekly — a number that doesn’t factor in the impact of using social channels to distribute your content. By linking to your blog from Facebook, Twitter, and any other channels you may use, you already have a pipeline for additional content creation. And that’s not even considering that people will easily be able to “share” your blog content via Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms!

4. Blogging Brings In New Customers

Did you know that blogging is an excellent way to get new people to interact with your business? According to Right Mix Marketing, 80% of daily blog visits are from new customers. The resulting benefits are twofold: you spend less on acquiring new customers, and you have a mechanism that will retain existing customers.

It’s Here to Stay

Unlike certain social media channels, blogging isn’t just a “fad” that will soon die out.

  • It gives your organization a unique voice that sets you apart
  • It makes customers more comfortable with your organization — giving your text a more “human” feeling rather than just a wall of text
  • Finally, it has a real, veritable effect on your company’s success

 So don’t delay  — start blogging today!

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