• In the News: Twitter Profile Redesign


New this week, Twitter announced they are slowly rolling out the newly redesigned Twitter profile, calling it “a whole new you.”

They say that it’s an easier and more fun way to express yourself. And by the looks of it, Twitter borrowed ideas proven to work from other leading social networks (ahem, Facebook).

Currently, the new look has only been released to a select group of people (including this blogger!), but it will gradually roll out to the masses in the coming weeks. Some of the earliest pilot profiles included celebrities like Zac Efron, First Lady Michelle Obama, and John Legend.

So what’s new on your Twitter profile?

  • Profile Page Layout: From the way the profile picture and header line-up, to the placement of the newsfeed and other various elements, the new design now looks a lot like Facebook, but we’ll let you be the judge.
  • Larger Profile Images: The recommended profile picture dimensions are now 400 x 400 and header dimensions are 1500 x 500 (maximum file size of 5MB). Time to get up close and personal with your photos!
  • Pinning Tweets: Pin your best Tweet to the top of your profile page to showcase its glory (much like LinkedIn). Please note, once you decide to pin a new Tweet, it replaces the one you had pinned previously.
  • Filtered Tweets: Choose which timeline you wish to view when perusing other profile pages – Tweets, Tweets and replies, and Tweets with photos/videos for a customized Twitter experience.

The new Twitter profile is soon coming to the masses, but only time will tell how well it is received. What do you think?

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