• In the News: Instagram’s Clickable Ads


Big news!

Instagram has announced the introduction of clickable ads.

Images will be displayed in a photo carousel users can scroll through, click on a link, and be directed to the business’ website, products, and promotions.

These multi-photo carousels allow brands to present beautiful images in sequence for a more engaging experience than one-off photos.

Instagram describes this change as a “new way for brands to tell stories” and acknowledging the feedback they’ve heard from businesses and individuals alike:

“We’ve heard from marketers that they want to tell sequenced stories in beautiful, compelling ways that lead to meaningful results for their businesses.

We’ve also received feedback from the Instagram community that they are interested in learning more about a brand or product after they have been inspired by a sponsored photo or video.”

Previously, Instagram did not allow any hyperlinks in posts. As a workaround, many brands include “Link in bio” in the photo caption to let customers know where they could find more information. But this bridge was clumsy and required users to take extra steps to get to brands’ sites.

Now, these carousels can include a “Learn More” button, which directs users to an browser page within the Instagram app. Not leaving the app allows easy return to the feed, so the user experience is smooth and undisrupted.


Not anymore! This update presents a fantastic new way for companies to use Instagram as a platform to promote products and engage fans.

What story will you tell?

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