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Facebook continues to create and innovate ways for you to reach potential customers. Their newest advancement, Instant Articles, has the potential to change the way people read your content, and how they use their mobile devices.  

Unveiled in May of 2015, Instant Articles is a new approach to content on Facebook, similar to the way videos have been optimized. This new article-sharing platform has the potential to completely change the way you use content promotion.

What’s Different on Facebook?

Instant Articles now means that magazines articles, posts, blogs, etc. will now be hosted directly on Facebook, rather than a click sending you to the source’s site. Now, users don’t have to wait for slow loading times while taking them to a traditional website – and don’t have to leave the Facebook platform.

The goal is to combine traditional text with a high level of interactivity for the customers to enjoy, loading virtually instantly. Staying within the Facebook universe means easier sharing when customers love your content.

To make it worth your while to use Facebook as an alternative for content promotion, Instant Articles give you full control over your articles, and offers advertising opportunities that act as your own publisher and can earn you 100% of the profit (or 70% profit if you prefer to have Facebook handle the advertising).

Companies like The New York Times, NBC News, The Atlantic, BuzzFeed, National Geographic, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, and The Dodo have all gotten onboard, publishing their articles on Facebook’s platform.

What This Means for Your Marketing

Instant Articles has the potential to reshape the way you advertise on social media. With Facebook holding steady as the most popular social media platform, their new attempt to engage consumers on Facebook – and keep them there – brings new opportunities for generating customers and sales for your business.

Now, your blog posts and other business content can be promoted front-and-center in the Facebook platform, making it easier than ever for customers to find it and engage with your business. Where before you might publish a blog post and then just share it on your Facebook Page, Instant Articles offers a whole new way to create and share eye-catching content on social media.

You can now combine a number of interactive features into this new article format, including:

  • Hi-resolution images
  • Auto-playing videos
  • Audio captions
  • Interactive maps

The interactivity, customization, and large traffic generation mean publications (like you!) will no doubt get a lot of views, but the whole concept of Instant Articles is to host content solely on Facebook, showing customers content within the platform they already engage in.

The Future of Content Promotion

Instant Articles is no longer just a Facebook innovation, either. Google and Twitter have partnered up and are in the process of developing an open-sourced Instant Article equivalent, called Accelerated Mobile Pages. Apple has also released a similar concept, Apple News, which takes the design principles of print and combines the interactivity of digital media, much like Facebook’s Instant Articles.

The arrival of this new convergence underlines that marketing through social media is only increasingly important. While the new concept of Instant Articles and things like it may mean straying away from your native websites, it’s possible that new methods of social media advertising like Instant Article ads will offer huge returns for your business. Only time will tell. 

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