• The New Gmail: New Experiences for a New Generation


Propel welcomes a guest blogger this week! Marketing intern Julianna McFarland discusses the newest Gmail features, and what they mean for a new era in online communications. 

If you are like me, color coding and alphabetical filing make you happy. Maybe you’re like me and you’ve always felt that your OCD tendencies shine a bit too strongly. Turns out, Google embraces the inner organizer in all of us, and their new Gmail inbox not only accommodates the need to create harmony in an inbox, but it does it automatically! Talk about customer service!

Larry Page, CEO and co-founder of Google, says, “Our goal is to organize the world’s information and to make it universally accessible and useful.” The new Gmail does just that. With five subcategories in a single Gmail inbox, emails are instantly sorted into relevant categories making it easy to pick out the emails you want to read and discard the ones you don’t. 

The new Gmail inbox is organized by five tabs

  • Primary – The highest priority emails; from friends, family, and selected contacts. This is also where emails that have been starred as important will go.
  • Social – Emails from any social networking site, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, dating websites, gaming platforms, and any other interactive social media and networking sites.
  • Promotions – For emails about deals, offers, products, and blogs; nine times out of ten, this is where companies’ marketing emails show up.
  • Updates – Any emails generated automatically such as monthly credit card statements, bills, notification of payment received for an on-line order, etc.
  • Forums – Emails from any forum or discussion groups, organized by group and person.

The new Gmail also has better Google hangouts that include text chat with photos, emojis, and free group video chat for up to ten people across all devices.

Want more?

For the super talented multi-tasker, the new Gmail allows users have as many email windows open as they want, and thanks to Google connecting Google Drive to Gmail, a single email can hold up to 10GB of attachments. Gmail also now has limitlessly customizable themes and backgrounds. Have a striking new company logo you want as your background? Make it happen.

Other new features include customizable email labeling, starring emails to note importance, customizable display density, and my personal favorite, an “undo send” button. We’ve all sent an email or two we wish we could take back. Now thanks to Gmail, we can!

With so many customizable features and organizational updates, the new Gmail is truly made for the organized individual. However, Gmail’s new system proves challenging for small businesses. Most emails sent by a small business advertise a discount, deal, or new product, which will now be marked and sorted to the promotions tab. This automatic sorting means when a customer opens their inbox, they will not automatically see an email advertising 20% off a service, or an invitation to a launch party for a new product. Customers will have to intentionally click on the promotions tab to view those emails. This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase click-through rate, no?

There are two ways for your emails to leave the third-in-line “promotions” tab and make their way to the coveted “primary” tab:

  • Customers can choose to mark emails as primary, thus marking all future emails as primary as well


  • If customers consistently open marketing emails, eventually Google will learn and move those emails from promotions to primary.

Google is a brilliant technological creature, and Gmail is no different. The longer someone uses the new inbox configuration, the more data is accumulated, and the more likely Google is to sort emails as the account holder would like.  

With 425 million active Gmail users, marketers must understand the new Gmail features in order to reach an audience. The new Gmail puts consumers in control, but it does not omit the marketer from the decision making process. With compelling emails and engaging content, customers will read emails and engage with brands; sooner or later those marketing emails will find their way to the first tab.

Make way world, organization is no longer a hindrance. Thanks to the ever-expanding tech world, your computer knows what you want and is serving it up on a silver platter. On the menu today, the new Gmail. 

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