• Subject Lines for Networking and Introduction Emails

Subject Lines for Networking and Introduction Emails

If 90% of success is showing up, the other 10% is following through. When it comes to networking, it’s key that you go all the way. You have to not only make connections, but secure them—you have to “seal the deal,” as it were. A time-tested method of doing so is sending a follow-up note reminding your connections of your contact information, thanking them for their time, and closing with a compliment of how nice it was to meet them. While in ages past this note was a hand-written letter delivered by post, today these types of letters are much easier and can be easily sent through email.

Of course, when it comes to email, strategy is key. We all sift through hundreds of emails per day. Your email needs to have a grabber; it needs to draw the attention of your recipient so that they actually read it. In other words, introduction email subject lines are of utmost importance. So how do you come up with the best email subject lines for networking?

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Subject Lines for Networking and Introduction Emails

How to Write Subject Lines for Business

When writing a networking email subject line or business introduction email subject lines, there are several things to keep in mind. These techniques are actually applicable to all email subject lines, so it’s a good idea to try to incorporate them into your everyday email strategy.

Keep subject lines short

Regardless of what type of email you’re sending, brevity is key. Don’t force readers to dig through your subject line in order to determine whether it’s relevant to them. This is true whether you’re writing an email newsletter or promotional offer. Try to keep your subject line to 50 characters or fewer.

Customize the subject line

It’s key that you customize the subject line to your recipient. Even if you’re sending nearly identical emails to people you met at a networking event, make sure each email is tailored. You can even include your or your recipient’s name in the subject line. For more tips, check out our blog post on email subject lines best practices.

Make subject lines clear

The subject lines of your emails should tell your email recipient exactly what the email is about, whether you’re writing an email to introduce someone to market a new product. If you’re looking to write a business or marketing email, refer to our previous article on how to create catchy and effective email subject lines.

Introduction Email Subject Lines

The first impression counts! If you’re an individual or a business reaching out to someone for the first time, it’s critical that you take your sweet time in crafting that first email. With introductory emails, your email serves as an extension of you; it’s all your recipient has to go on when deciding whether they want to work or connect with you.

Here are some examples of introduction email subject lines:

  • A note from a [insert your job title]
  • We wanted to say hello!
  • Introduction from [insert name or company here]
  • Aloha from the Travel Agency!
  • Hi Matt, have you met Tom?

Follow-Up Subject Line for Networking Email

If you connected with someone, whether it was at a conference, networking event, or even at a happy hour, it’s essential that you follow up with them. If you don’t send a reminder of the connection made, your existence will be quickly forgotten. Send your new networking buddies a buzz the next day after you meet them.

You can send an email a few hours after the initial meeting, but it will be more effective if you wait 20-24 hours. Scratching your head over possible subject lines for networking emails?

Here are some networking email subject line examples:

  • Met you at event [X]
  • This is [NAME] from [PLACE]
  • Following-up on our chat
  • Nice to meet you last night!

Re-connection networking email subject line

Contacts would be useless if we never used them. If you’re thumbing through your rolodex and plan to contact some old colleagues or others you met through networking, be sure to make your email subject lines impactful.

Good email subject lines for networking are short, sweet, and clear. That last bit is especially important if you’re reaching out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Make sure that your networking email subject line contains information indicative of who you are and what you want.

For examples of a subject title for networking email see the following:

  • Checking in since we last spoke
  • Paul from Jones Day LLC, seeking meeting
  • Can I buy you coffee?
  • Hello again!
  • Happy Halloween! [tie the email subject line to a holiday or event as an “easy in”]

“Email is the Greatest Thing” – Wally Amos

The same strategic meticulousness used in email subject lines should be applied to the body of the email. Don’t start with a great header only to disappoint the reader underneath! Make sure the email itself is polite, to the point, and brief. You want your email to be as straightforward and easy to read as possible. Whether you’re sending networking emails to individuals, or you’re a business trying to rope in more customers, there are lessons to be learned from email marketing techniques. Brush up on your email marketing skills with these smash hit tips.

Sending multiples emails or embarking on an email blast? Don’t click that “send” button without arming yourself with the 10 golden rules for email blasts.

Writing great emails is an easy task hard to master. It may take time and many, many emails for you to be able to send them flying off into cyberspace like stamps coming off a production line, but a killer subject line is a great start. Need even more appropriate email subject lines examples? We’ve got you covered with 100+ email subject lines.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get networking, emailing, and climbing up that ladder of success!

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