• Motivating Your Employees in the Workplace— with Art!

Motivational Benefits of Art in the Workplace

Much of motivation is intrinsic, and there’s certainly no formula for the extrinsic. What you can do is try. Try to support and supplement, rather than denigrate and create. It comes in many forms. Some people encourage with their words, but what about those times when you aren’t there to lead your troops? What about the days where you yourself don’t feel up to the challenge? These are the times when you can fall back on your office space to motivate. One way to encourage your decor to motivate is by hanging fine art.

Motivational Benefits of Art in the Workplace

Why Have Art in the Workplace?

Art in the workplace does more than just make it look nicer. Office art can be used as a workplace motivation technique. It:

  • Creates a pleasant environment
    Anything that makes 9-5 a little more enjoyable is bound to lead to collateral benefits.
  • Boosts creativity
    Staring at a blank wall is not likely to generate any unique ideas. Having an environment that stimulates the senses, on the other hand, is.
  • Reduces stress
    Once again, a blank wall isn’t going to have much to offer during times of stress. A beautiful painting or interesting piece of photography, however, may be able to take a person out of the moment for a brief breath of fresh air.
  • Fosters office pride
    The pride you take in your company and your office trickles down to your employees and your customers. Office art creates a workplace that your employees are proud to walk into every day.
  • Strengthens your connection with your team
    Having a thoughtfully decorated workplace shows your team that you care enough to provide a nice place for them to spend your time, to feel a return on their time invested
  • Attracts clients/customers
    Whether the art makes for nice website and social media visuals, or for a better experience for the customer at your location, art can certainly help to make your business more attractive.
  • Inspires Creativity
    Aesthetics calm people down, while also acting as a catalyst to the right side of your brain. Anything you can do as a managerial force—that incites creativity while reducing stress—is worth your while.

Where Do I Get Art for My Office? How Much will it cost me?

Many people are under the impression that creating a uniquely artistic, and professional look costs a fortune and therefore shy away from decorating altogether. The good news is that people today don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to obtain quality artwork. Here are some ways of obtaining art for your small business or office:

  • Online
    You can find just about anything online, and it gives you the most options.
  • Lease or rent local art
    This way you can also support the community and make it personal to your business. For example, here at ThriveHive we use Turning Art.
  • Display for sale
    Allow artists to display for paintings for sale

Tips for Choosing and Placing Office Art

One of the best places to hang your office art is in the foyer or entryway. This area typically has the most room, so your art can be BIG and prominent, emulating your brand image. Your office decor—especially the art placed at the point of entry— can help create a positive first impression the second people walk in the door, for clients and employees alike. To make a positive first impression, choose something that is welcoming and also aligns with your mission, values, and company style.

If your workplace and/or your employers are feeling a sense of staleness, try sprucing up your workspace with art, while potentially supporting other local businesses and partners.

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