• Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

Mother's Day Marketing Ideas

Holidays present a unique opportunity to maximize on your creative marketing options, and Mother’s Day is no exception to that! Mother’s Day is a holiday that most of us can enjoy and connect with, so it’s a perfect time to test new marketing and campaign ideas. Your Mother’s Day marketing needs to be personal and genuine in order to best appeal to your audience. Here are 7 great marketing ideas to delight and tug at your customers’ heartstrings.

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Mother's Day Marketing Ideas

7 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

Create A Social Media Gift Guide

An easy way to build a successful Mother’s Day marketing campaign is through a social media gift guide. A gift guide will provide easy gifting options for the indecisive shopper, and making it available on social media will extend its reach through hashtags and social sharing capabilities. When creating your Mother’s Day gift guide, be sure to include both affordable and luxurious items to appeal to customers with different price ranges, as well as a variety of products to appeal to different likes and dislikes. A Mother’s Day gift guide is a unique marketing idea to celebrate the holiday.

Make Your Marketing Personal

Mother’s Day is a holiday that many feel emotionally affected by, and as a result are more likely to be drawn to a sincere campaign rather than a generic one. A way to incorporate a personal touch to your Mother’s Day marketing campaign is to include behind the scenes photos from your own childhood or employees childhoods featuring moms. A series of candid photographs with genuine captions over the course of a few days or a week is a great Mother’s Day marketing idea to attract customers and pull on heartstrings.

Host a Party

Another great Mother’s Day marketing idea is hosting a sip and shop event for your business the weekend of Mother’s Day. Lots of mothers will be looking for events to attend with their children, especially free ones, so offering an event with free small treats and drinks is a huge incentive. Having a branded photo booth at your party and offering a prize for anyone who adds their photo on social media can also help to spread brand awareness. You can also offer a “grab bag” to moms on Mother’s Day, or a free gift to the first people who arrive at the party. If your business is online-only, consider hosting a Twitter party where virtual guests can ask questions, receive Mother’s Day gifting suggestions, and win prizes.

Offer a Discount

Mother’s Day is an important gift-giving holiday, so what better way to attract customers than by offering a Mother’s Day discount? A few ways to do that could be to display a discount wheel that can be spun upon entering the store, an exclusive offer for bringing in a childhood photo with mom, or a post on social media that gives a discount only to those that follow your social pages. There are endless discount options for Mother’s Day marketing ideas.

Have a Countdown

While all holidays are stressful, Mother’s Day can be particularly so because of the pressure to impress someone so meaningful and impactful. Creating a countdown to Mother’s Day that can be displayed in stores, on social media, or on your website, will create a sense of urgency and remind customers of the holiday. A countdown for last day to arrive by Mother’s Day also creates the same effect, and if free shipping is offered, will also provide an incentive to buy now!

Host a Charity Event

While Mother’s Day is a happy and heartfelt holiday for many, remember that for others it can be very emotional. Consider appealing to the sensitive side of your customers by providing a charity “round up” option, offering a specific item in your gift guide and donating 100% of proceeds, or sending a percentage of sales on Mother’s Day to a relevant charity, such as the Every Mother Counts organization, or the Susan G Koman fund. Making your customers feel good about the purchases they are making will inspire them to spend more than they otherwise may have.

Post and Repost on Social

If you have limited bandwidth to celebrate the holiday, a final Mother’s Day marketing idea is to just keep your social media posts cute, funny, and relevant! Inoffensive memes about being a mom are always well received, such as the one below:


Mother’s Day is a special day for moms around the world, so make sure your marketing stands out from the competition. By using our Mother’s Day marketing ideas, your campaigns are sure to go off without a hitch.



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