• Morning Routines for the Small Business Owner

Morning Routines for the Small Business Owner

Success. Everyone wants it, everyone has the potential to get it but, not everyone is able to become the next Bill Gates. So, how do you become successful? Well, there is no one equation that works for all, but there are some daily habits that can help you find your formula for success. In particular, morning habits. This post will go over morning routines for different small business owner personality types.

Morning Routine Ideas for the Small Business Owner

Just as every person has a different personality, every small business owner also has their own way of perceiving things, defining success, and running their business. That is why there is no one formula that fits all for success. That is also why we have broken this post into morning routines for three types business owners: the visionary, the perfectionist, and the energizer.

Morning Routines for the Small Business Owner

Morning Routines for the Visionary Business Owner

The visionary business owner has lots of ideas and thoughts geared toward the future. They have great ideas for success and endless positive energy, but may be too focused on the vision that which you want and not focused enough on the present and tactical steps to get there.

If you identify with the visionary business owner, here is a morning routine to try out:

  • Rather than lay in bed for an hour and dream about what you want your business to become, set an alarm for 20 minutes before you actually have to get up and allow yourself to have that thinking time.
  • Once you are up, write at least one goal every morning of what you want to accomplish for the day, take the goal with you to the office and put it in a place you can see it to keep yourself focused. You may even want to set a goal for the week and then break that goal into tangible daily activities that you can set out to achieve.
  • Have a recurring and structured schedule for your first hour of work every day. Allocate 15 minutes to the four major areas of operation so that you can get a sense of all current circumstances and prioritize, rather than getting sucked into one specific task that could set you back for the rest of the day. For the visionary, it is most important to set time frames and alarms so you keep yourself moving.

Morning Routines for the Perfectionist Business Owner

The perfectionist business owner wants their work to be the best it can be, and when there’s a problem they want it fixed in a structured, strategic way. They get things done, but not necessarily quickly or on time. They have a high level of organization, but things don’t always progress.

If you have the perfectionist tendencies, try these morning routines to help you stay productive:

  • You like to have everything planned and organized, so make a list of to-dos first thing in the morning—before you come across other issues or unexpected twists. Try to keep this list concise and with top-priority items, so that you can make room for other items that pop up during the day, without losing focus on your priorities. Sticking to this list and creating “qualifications” for a new task to be added to the list will help you to feel less overwhelmed with getting everything done and more focused on getting the important things done.
  • The perfectionist does not like to give up control over things and is therefore often reluctant to let others help. Yet as a small business owner, if you try to do everything perfectly, you’ll end up with nothing. In the morning, identify which tasks you can (and will) take off your plate and have someone else do. Remind yourself that it may be stressful to relinquish that control, but at the end of the day, it will reduce your overall stress by helping you to maintain your organization and give your best effort to that which is most important to you.
  • Don’t be overly critical of yourself! Each night write down one thing you achieved in that day, tape it to mirror and read it when you’re brushing your teeth, doing your makeup, etc.

Morning Routines for the Energetic Business Owner

The energetic business owner wants their life full of energy and naturally spreads that to his or her team and customers. They want to do it all and have fun doing it, but this can lead to impulsive actions and quick burnout.

If you are the energetic business owner, try out these morning routines:

  • You have a lot of energy to burn and chances are you’re already up early. Take that time to do something active such as running or walking, then follow it up with a relaxation exercise, meditation, or yoga. Even if just for 5 minutes, this will help you to channel your energy and to center yourself so that you stay balanced throughout the day.
  • The energetic business owner can be impulsive with decisions and quickly get off track with what they are doing. To stay on track with getting out the door (to get to the office) or getting into your work mindset (if you work at home), minimize the number of distractions present in your morning routine. Don’t check your social media, leave the TV and radio off, and keep non-business related mail out of site. Once you settle into work mode and have gotten into a rhythm, you can use these activities as quick 15 minute breaks throughout the day.
  • Since you like to keep the energy high in your office make sure you start the day off with some energy fueled foods to keep you going throughout the day.

Whether you define yourself as a visionary, a perfectionist, an energizer or a combination of any of the above there’s a morning routine that can put you in the right frame of mind for your workspace. Let us know in the comments if any of these tricks worked for you!

Devon Heavey
Devon Heavey
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