• Mobile Takes Over! Black Friday & Cyber Monday


In the week since Black Friday, and the sequential shopping holidays through Cyber Monday, one thing has become increasingly clear:

People are shopping online more than ever.

And people aren’t just shopping online – they’re doing it on mobile. On smartphones, on tablets, anywhere they go or from the comfort of their couch.

Survey Says:

Retailers dug into their statistics, and noticed dramatic changes in how and where people are shopping this holiday season. Just how dramatic?

  • At least 50% of retail sales between Black Friday and Cyber Monday were online
      • Up 17% from last year!
  • 50% of those online sales were via a mobile device!
  • 70% of Walmart’s site traffic over 5 days was mobile
  • Paypal saw a 51% increase in mobile traffic on Black Friday

It was the biggest Cyber Monday on record.

The Fallout

Aside from oohing and ahhing at big numbers, what can we learn from this year’s record-topping digital sales?

There’s no better time to go mobile-friendly than right now. It’s not unreasonable to predict that majority of online sales and traffic could be from smartphones and tablets as soon as next year, so why wait?

If your business website isn’t designed for mobile use, or built on responsive design, you’re way behind the curve. Mobile-tailored sites mean easy navigation and seamless customer experience with your brand.

And as a local retailer, it might be time to finally launch that e-commerce site. Jump in feet-first and get your full product line, high-resolution photos, and easy customer service live online so customers can shop local, no matter where they go!

Final Word

Customers expect to be able to shop in store, online, and on the go. If this year’s holiday shopping kick-off taught us anything, it’s that the time is now to get your business online.

Don’t get caught offline this time next year!

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