• Mobile Marketing for Small Business

mobile marketing for small business

One of the tenets of marketing is providing useful, relevant content to your target audience. However, just as your target audience members aren’t all the same, relevant content is also not a one size fits all. The level to which your target audience engages with your business will vary depending on the different states and mindsets they have throughout the buying cycle, or even throughout the day. Many potential customers will find your content while they’re on the go, and with access to internet and smartphones, being on the go no longer means unplugged. Mobile marketing allows you to stay connected to your target audience while they are using mobile devices. In this post we’ll go over what mobile marketing is, why it is important, and how it benefits your business.

mobile marketing for small business

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is the use of technology and tactics to reach your target audience when they are on the go. Mobile marketing includes a wide range of online strategies, from creating a mobile app for your business to simply using social media. In order to effectively use mobile marketing for your business, you need to have an understanding of the mobile devices your target audience uses, as well as the mindset they are in when mobile. This will allow you to come up with content that will appeal to them when in this state.

Why Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Usage

With the internet constantly growing in speed and accessibility, mobile and smartphone usage continues to rise and to impact your customers’ buying habits. Here are some stats that encourage mobile marketing as an effective channel:

According to the Pew Research Center:

  • Today, 95% of Americans own a mobile device, 77% of which are smartphones.
  • 80% of Americans own desktop or laptop and 50% own tablets.
  • 1 in 10 Americans are smartphone-only internet users

According to Google:

  • 88% of consumers use their smartphones to search for local businesses online
  • 50% of users who find a business through a mobile device end up at its physical location

Mobile Behavior

Every target audience is different, but one thing that people in general have in common is the desire for bite-sized, pieces of content. Social media and other applications that utilize more creative ways to present information have placed in us this desire for snackable content. Short digestible bits of information gives us instant gratification, allows us to consume a diverse range information quickly, and helps to inform our next actions. Mobile devices cause and increase this type of information consumption, so businesses are tailoring their content to fit with this behavior.

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Personal Connection

For many Americans, our phone is our sense of security. In fact, it is the first thing we reach for when we wake up, and if misplaced, is one of our biggest sources of anxiety. Connecting with your target audience when they are on their mobile device gives you an advantage, because you are connecting with them at a time when they feel most secure.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

The benefits of mobile marketing are many, so it makes sense to incorporate mobile marketing into your overall marketing strategy. Here are some of the ways mobile marketing can benefit your business.

Improve your Reach

The most obvious benefit of mobile marketing is that your business can improve its reach. You don’t limit your audience to only people are at home on their computer. You can reach people at any time. This can help you to build a relationship with them over time, reach them at points when they are ready to buy, and connect with them when they are nearby through local online marketing.

Better Customer Experience

Mobile marketing doesn’t just benefit your business. With today’s busy lifestyle, people crave convenience. Being able to learn about a business, redeem coupons, make payments, or contact a business on one handheld device is a major benefit to your customers. With such convenience and consolidation, you have created a positive customer experience for them.

Create More Content

The best content for mobile devices is quick and bite sized information that users can consume quickly and despite distractions. Quick content is easy to create and share. The more content you share, the more people you reach, and the greater presence you have online.

Easy to Do

Another benefit of mobile marketing is that it is at your fingertips—literally. With social media, email, and search engine applications most likely already on your phone, you can get started with just a few taps.

Mobile behavior is a part of our culture, so make mobile marketing a part of your business. It’s easy, effective, and will help you to increase and improve your engagements with your target audience.

Kristen McCormick
Kristen McCormick
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