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We’ve all heard that size doesn’t matter.

But does it?

Can something as small as a tweet be as effective as something huge like an ebook?

Not only can micro-sized content be as effective as big pieces, but it can be more effective, leading to huge results.

What is micro content?

How can something so small be so compelling?

It’s not about size – it’s how you use it. And when used properly, micro content can be tremendously powerful.

“Micro content” is the smallest, shortest form of your marketing messaging. Tweets, Facebook posts, Vine videos, infographics, even email subject lines – these are all micro communications. And, despite their size, these tiny messages can really pack a punch.

Unlike longer-form content like ebooks, white papers, and even blog posts, micro content allows readers to very quickly grasp the information; it’s immediately clear and engaging.

Why is micro content so great?

Don’t be fooled by its size – micro content might not look like much, but it can generate serious results while your full-length content is weighing itself down. It’s ideal for countering today’s information overload.

In a world where social media is bigger than ever and not slowing down, micro content is built for speed. These snippets are optimized for social viewing and sharing, designed for the fast-paced mediums and short attention spans of our day.

When your Twitter feed is scrolling by at lightning speed, you don’t have time to stop and dig into a novel. People want headlines, not stories. Quick hits like jazzy bullets on an infographic are the way to your audience’s heart. Once they’re hooked, send them to your ebook or blog for a deeper dive.

Where can micro content go?


The beauty of this tiny titan is that it is incredibly flexible; it can be used cross-platform and cross-medium from Facebook to Instagram to your blog. These mini messages are multipurpose and can be repurposed to suit any venue you choose!

Create a 6-second Vine about your new product. Now share it on Twitter. Then, integrate it into an email blast about the product. Next, embed it into your product page on your website or use it in sales pitches to prospective customers for a vibrant, engaging presentation.

When you think you don’t have the budget to create big, flashy pieces of content to woo your customers, just remember that it’s not the size of the content that matters. Make it great, make it shareable, and you’re well on your way to outsized results.

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