• May Instagram Ideas and Examples

May Instagram Ideas

We’re back to give you more ideas on how to utilize social media, specifically Instagram, to promote your business and meaningfully interact with customers. Take a tip from a few of the examples below and draw inspiration from this month’s holidays!

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May Instagram Ideas

Examples of May Instagram Posts for Business

If you’re looking for some May marketing ideas, check out the examples below of Instagram posts by real businesses.

May 4th – Star Wars Day

“May the Fourth be with You”

Take a tip from this hairstylist and cross-promote with another small business.

may instagram idea hair

Or purchase several inexpensive lightsabers and have a little fun with your employees. This makes for some great Instagram posting but also ups office morale making your business a more desirable place to work.


may instagram ideas may 4 ig

May 8th – Teacher Appreciation Day

No truer statement was said…

may instagram ideas teacher app

And if you happen to have the artistic flexibility in your business, think about creating some school or teacher-themed items that would make for a visually interesting Instagram post. This cookie maker hit the mark – A+!


May 13th – Mother’s Day

Offer your followers suggestions on what to get mom for Mother’s Day…it just so happens that you’ve got some pretty good options!


may instagram ideas mothers day


Invite families in as a fun Mother’s Day activity. You could offer every mother who comes in on the holiday a special treat like this arboretum who treated moms to a complimentary glass of rose.


may instagram ideas mothers day 2

May 15th – Peace Officer’s Memorial Appreciation Day

No one deserves our adulation more than those who serve and protect our cities. Take a moment to give a big thank you to your town’s protectors and even offer up specials specifically for Peace Officers.

may instagram ideas peace officer

May 18th – Bike to Work Day

Encourage your followers to get outside and get riding! Offer discounts or raffle prizes to the first ten customers who bike to your store or encourage your employees to bike in for the day (and excuse their tardiness!)

may instagram ideas bike

may instagram ideas bike 3


Better yet, search around town for opportunities to sponsor an event and don’t forget to tell your followers about it. Showing your involvement with the community increases your likeability factor.

may instagram ideas bike 2


May 28th – Memorial Day

This is a three-day weekend holiday every business can get behind. Whether you’re running a sale, a special giveaway or promo like the rest of the country or simply showing your gratitude for a fallen soldier, be sure to join in on Instagram with posts like these great examples.

may instagram ideas memorial


may instagram ideas memorial 2

may instagram ideas memorial 1

May Awareness Causes

May also has its fair share of awareness causes to socialize including:

  • ALS
  • Motorcycle awareness
  • Stroke awareness
  • Celiac Disease
  • Mental Health
  • Public Service Recognition Week (6th – 12th)
  • Women’s Health Week (13th – 19th)

Fundraisers, of course, go beyond just a single social media post. But if one of these causes hits close to your heart you may want to think about hosting a fundraiser. Not only will you be supporting a worthy cause, but statistically people are more apt to do business with companies that share their values. This restaurant got a repost from an ALS-focused organization to help drive customers to their fundraiser:


may instagram ideas als


Post infographics that educate the public about one of this month’s causes like this organization:


may instagram ideas als 2


For Public Service Recognition Week, post a thank you to the men and women who make our lives better by devoting their days to public service professions. Public service employees range from police officers to county clerks to city bus drivers. Say thank you!


may instagram ideas public service week


may instagram ideas public service week 2

Women’s Health Week

Don’t forget the ladies!

During Women’s Health Week, get creative about how you show appreciation for your female consumers and think of fun ways to engage them with your shop and on Instagram.

This fitness studio took their spin class outside to put a fun twist on their typical class in celebration of Women’s Health Week.

may instagram ideas women


This group of fierce females organized a free hike. This is a terrific way to meet new prospects and show some love for the women of the world.


may instagram ideas women2

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