• May Facebook Ideas and Examples for Business

May Facebook Ideas and Examples for Business

May is a great time to take advantage of the fun holidays for promoting your business. This particular month has awareness causes that last an entire week too! Check out how business owners around the country are using various holidays throughout the month of May to promote their companies is interesting ways.

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May Facebook Ideas and Examples for Business

May Awareness Causes

  • ALS
  • Motorcycle awareness
  • Stroke victims
  • Celiac disease
  • Mental health
  • Public Service Recognition Week
  • Women’s Health Week

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness is an opportunity for any health professional to spread the word about mental health issues and make it less taboo to talk about.

may facebook ideas Mental health


If you’re not in the medical field, just post some feel-good tips that everyone will find helpful!


may facebook ideas Mental health 1

Public Service Recognition Week

Public Service Recognition week gives everyone the opportunity to say thank you to public safety professionals and beyond. You can simply throw a gratitude post up…

may facebook ideas Public Service

…or hold an event, fundraiser, or provide specials for any public service employee to enjoy throughout the week.


may facebook ideas public service



may facebook ideas public service

Women’s Health Week

Women’s Health Week is an opportunity to reach out to a more specific demographic: women! Make it a priority to connect your brand specifically with the ladies this week. How do your services or products make their lives better? Make them healthier and happier? Or simply make a woman want to #treatyoself?!

may facebook ideas womens health

Holidays in May

  • Star Wars Day – May 4th
  •  Cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby – May 5th
  • Teacher Appreciation Day – May 8th
  • Mother’s Day – May 13th
  • Peace Officer’s Memorial Day – May 15th
  • Bike to Work Day – May 18th
  • Armed Forces Day – May 19th
  • Geek Pride day – May 25th
  • National Burger Day and Memorial Day – May 28th

Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day simply can’t be ignored with its rising popularity. Post fun activities for your followers to do with their kids.

may facebook ideas may 4th


may facebook ideas may 4th


If you’re a restaurant, coffee shop, really anywhere that people hang out for any length of time…organize a trivia night with Star Wars themed trivia! The prize could be discounts on future purchases or even a small cash prize for the winning team to share.

may facebook ideas may 4th 3


Kentucky Derby

Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby offer some really great themes for you to base your Facebook posts around and to have a little fun in your shops. This bar and grill had Kentucky Derby-style hats (a little goofier than those worn at the actual event) on the ready for the patrons to wear.


may facebook ideas kentucky derby


This website posted tips on how to pick the winning horse.


may facebook ideas kentucky derby


Cinco de Mayo

Consider offering your followers information about where to enjoy Cinco de Mayo. Remember, not everything you post should be in an effort to make a sale. Providing useful information gives your followers another reason to keep watching you on social media.

may facebook ideas cinco


Teacher Appreciation Day

Show some love for the teachers in your town and direct them toward special deals in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Day or consider holding your own event.

may facebook ideas teacher

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a prime holiday to run contests, increase customer engagement, and gain more followers on Facebook. Try running a photo contest …


may facebook ideas mothers day

…or direct more people to your website by creating a landing page specifically for your Mother’s Day giveaway.


may facebook ideas mothers 2


Bike to Work Day

Perhaps a surprise to most, Bike to Work Day is kind of a big deal in most major cities. Many metro areas have websites to register for the day and to organize large bike-riding groups. Look for information regarding your local Bike to Work Day activities and post useful information for your followers


may facebook ideas bike


Geek Pride Day

Geek Pride Day offers you the opportunity to geek out over anything you think is the bee’s knees (a technical geek term). Geek out over your products and post special features on a seasonal favorite, or have some fun with your staff and ask them on camera about their geek pride!


may facebook ideas geek

National Burger Day

National food anything days are super popular and get people talking. Use National Burger Day to interact with your followers by asking them where their favorite place in town is to grab a bite.

may facebook ideas burger day

Memorial Day

And of course, Memorial Day is about much more than a three day weekend and backyard barbecues. Take a moment to thank those that have given the ultimate sacrifice in the armed forces or provide some little known facts about the commemorative day.

may facebook ideas memorial day


may facebook ideas memorial 1

Running promotions over Memorial Day weekend is also expected so don’t miss out on the opportunity to promote sales, contests or other incentives to get new customers into your store. Happy posting!



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