• Marketing Your Business on Pinterest: Basics and Best Practices

Marketing Your Business on Pinterest- Basics and Best Practices

You know that marketing only grows your business if it reaches the right people. You also know that adding visual elements to your content and promotions is a great way to boost engagement and attract customers. With its search features and vision board-themed layout,  Pinterest satisfies these criteria. However, this platform does have some limitations, particularly with regard to demographics. In this post we’ll go over what Pinterest is, who uses it, and best practices for a proper Pinterest marketing strategy.

Marketing Your Business through Pinterest- Basics and Best Practices

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest emerged on the scenes in 2010, as an online bulletin board, a place to ‘pin’ and collect, organize, and prioritize ideas and products. While it is still more popular among women than men, both the content and users on this platform have grown to be more diverse. If Pinterest is right for your business, read on to learn some effective strategies for marketing your business and growing your following on Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Before you jump into any Pinterest marketing tactics, first you need to evaluate whether Pinterest fits in with your business model and marketing strategy.  Your key questions should be: Is Pinterest right for my business? Are my customers using Pinterest? If they are not, investing time and effort into Pinterest marketing may not be the best decision for you. If they are, then read on.

Who uses Pinterest?

In comparison to other social media platforms, Pinterest lends itself well to the female demographic with visual inspiration for wedding planning, fashion, and recipes. Statistically speaking, there are more female Pinterest users than  (60% vs 40%), and only 7% of pins are from men.

Men who use Pinterest are more interested in Technology, Fashion, sports, and cars, and motorcycles. Male Pinterest users are also more likely to be interested in video content.

How Pinterest Helps a Business

Pinterest users often pin and seek creative and artistic content such as food and drink recipes, home and holiday decor, DIY tips, and craft tutorials. Unlike Twitter, many users would prefer to follow a brand on Pinterest rather than a celebrity. This means that Pinterest is great for increasing brand awareness, growing brand loyalty, and promoting visually appealing offers.

Pinterest Marketing Best Practices

You have the ideas and a strategy that will help get your products and services in front of the right people, but if you don’t follow these best practices then it will be a wasted effort.

Be Mindful of Hashtags

While hashtags are extremely effective on Instagram and Twitter, this is not the case with Pinterest. Pinterest pins can help to drive traffic to your website; and effective Pinterest descriptions can increase your visibility; but Pinterest hashtags are minimally effective. Not all hashtags are indexed on Pinterest, and they are not clickable on mobile, which makes up around 75% of Pinterest traffic.

However, if you are promoting a particular offer or launch then it can be a unique way to get found especially when integrated with other marketing.

Drive Traffic Back to Your Website

It’s important to create and curate great content for your boards and build a following, but don’t forget your broader marketing and business goals. Make sure you are leveraging Pinterest to drive traffic to your business website through relevant and targeted content.

Use Analytics with Pinterest

As with all marketing efforts, analysis is needed to make sure you are getting a good return on investment. Pinterest has its own analytics platform you can use, and you can also check your website data for referral traffic. Just make sure to use tracked links so that you can find out which pins are performing the best.

Cross Promote Your Pinterest Account and Content

Make it easy for website visitors and readers of your content to learn more about you via Pinterest. Add “follow us” buttons and calls to action on your digital and printed content. Use ‘Pin it’ buttons on your website images, articles, offers and products to encourage fans to promote your content.

Don’t Over-Promote

Although you are using Pinterest to market your business, your boards should not be completely full of your own content. You should also be re-pinning other users’ pins that you appreciate or that are helpful and relevant. You should also be commenting on others’ pins and engaging back with those who comment on yours. This way you will engage with a much better following and gain trust.

Pinterest is not for every business, but if it’s the right one for yours, you can gain some serious exposure and website traffic from it. Use these tips and best practices today to start building your Pinterest presence.

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