• Marketing Tool of the Week: Unsplash

There is no shortage of companies asking small businesses to shell out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to promote themselves. But if Unsplashyou’re like most small business owners, you could really use some free tools to jumpstart your marketing. That’s why we’ve begun a weekly blog series featuring free tools for SMB owners to help you with your various marketing needs.

Have you ever seen a business post graphics or amazing pictures and wonder where they got them? Plenty of businesses use stock photo sites, but paying for images can get expensive. There are photo sites where you can embed image codes for free, but that doesn’t work if you want to incorporate an image into a graphic.

That’s where Unsplash comes in. Unsplash is a website that provides free photos available to download and use however you want.

Unsplash at a Glance

Unsplash posts 10 new high resolution stock photos to the website every 10 days. You can use the photos to do whatever you want, including copying, modifying, and distributing, even for commercial purposes. The photos come from a number of talented photographers who submit their photos to share on the site.

Getting Started with Unsplash

Getting started with Unsplash is almost too easy to write about. Simply go to the website, scroll through the photos, and click “download”. It’s that easy!

Unsplash example

From there you’re free to do whatever you want with the pictures. You can include them in marketing materials, use them as a header on your website or as photos for your blog, or you can create graphics with Canva, like the graphic we created for this post above. Visual marketing is all about great photos and Unsplash is a free and easy way to get them!

If you enjoy beautiful pictures or are looking for photographs of nature, sunsets, or mountain scenes, Unsplash will not disappoint. Check it out for yourself!

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