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Facebook can be the biggest online channel for promoting your small business and finding new customers. We hear from our clients all the time that Facebook isn’t generating enough leads or new customers. Their problem is that they aren’t taking a consistent and professional approach to the platform. While there are some ways to get more likes on your Facebook posts, often times the reason is because businesses are posting the wrong information to reach their audience. A new online service called PostGuru optimizes Facebook posting for the best results and can help solve this problem.

How to use PostGuru as a marketing tool

What is PostGuru?

PostGuru is a platform that analyzes past Facebook data to predict future post performance in order to effectively advise your future activity. Essentially, PostGuru acts as a personal “guru” to getting the most success out of your Facebook profile by suggesting articles that your followers will enjoy.

Small businesses want to increase user engagement on social media because your followers can eventually become paying customers. PostGuru helps increase engagement with relevant post suggestions. PostGuru finds, curates, and suggests relevant articles and popular news stories into an effective and professional post. PostGuru send users a daily email with their curated ideas that you can immediately take, edit, and post to your business’s page.

How Does PostGuru Work?

To use PostGuru, simply sign up with your email address and Facebook page URL. For the first 100 days, PostGuru is free to use.

This is an substantial enough trial time and enables you thoroughly test out the service to see if the results work for your business. PostGuru will then take data from your page and send you a daily email with 5 suggested posts you can use. Customize the post as you wish, and schedule the post at whatever time you want or at an optimized time they suggest. You can monitor the posts performance and change it to better suit your audience.

How to Use PostGuru as a Marketing Tool

PostGuru can be an incredibly helpful tool to increase your Facebook reach to find and engage more users. The articles and stories that PostGuru suggests are customized for your page’s fans. They use an algorithim to understand the users’ preferences with a Facebook post, such as what to say in the message, what image to use, and what time of day to post.

PostGuru maximizes the post’s engagement to the most users because it is specifically tailored to their online preferences. As a result, your post can generate the most effective engagement with users who in turn will become customers. In addition to their service, PostGuru’s Facebook page serves as a great resource for finding out more information about Facebook and how to maximize it’s social media efforts.

So, if you’re looking to increase the reach of your Facebook posts without sharing your own content, check out PostGuru!

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