• Marketing Tool of the Week: Instagram’s Boomerang

Marketing Tool of the Week- Instagram Boomerang

If you haven’t already noticed, marketing a business involves a lot of writing. Between blog posts, emails, website content, and everything in between, you spend a good portion of your day concentrating on content. That being said, it is important to take writing breaks so that you can continue producing quality content. If you need a break from writing but still want to engage in some marketing, then we’ve got the marketing tool for you!

Introducing Boomerang: An app by Instagram that allows you to easily make and share fun one-second animations. In this post we’ll go over what the Boomerang app is, how to create Boomerangs, and how to incorporate them into your Instagram marketing strategy. 

Marketing Tool of the Week- Instagram's Boomerang

What is Instagram Boomerang?

Boomerang is an app for smartphones that creates short, gif-like videos with no sound, called Boomerangs. The app takes a burst of photos, then shows them in sequence and in fast motion, forward and backward, to create a looping animation. Boomerangs aren’t quite videos, but they aren’t quite pictures. They’re somewhere in between.

Why Use Boomerang?

Boomerangs provide yet another way to use Instagram for small business. They are fun and entertaining, even mesmerizing sometimes. Capture (and keep!) the attention of your target audience and even reveal your sillier side with these lighthearted animations.

Do You Need to Have Instagram To Get the Boomerang App?

Boomerang was created by Instagram, but it is a separate app, so you do not need an Instagram account or business profile to create a Boomerang. Boomerangs are basically movie files without sound, so they can be shared on any platform that supports video, such as text, email, and Facebook.

Boomerang through Instagram

If you do have Instagram, you can easily share your Boomerangs with your followers and enhance them with filters and markups. There is also a built in Boomerang maker in Stories—another reason to use Instagram Stories for business.

You can easily create and add a Boomerang to your Story, or save it to your camera roll to share elsewhere—all in Instagram, without downloading the Boomerang app.

Boomerang through the Boomerang App

One benefit of using the Boomerang app itself is its hidden settings. For example, if you tap four times quickly with four fingers on the app screen, you will be taken to a menu. Here you can adjust the video resolution, frame count, frame rate, and the way the video repeats (forward only, back only, forward and back, or with a pause).

How Do You Create a Boomerang?

Creating a Boomerang with Boomerang

To create a Boomerang video in the Boomerang app, open the app and simply tap the white circle at the bottom of the screen. The app will take a burst of photos for a few seconds, and then take another few seconds to create the Boomerang. Once it’s complete, hit “Save” on the top right. You’ll also see additional options on the bottom to upload it to Instagram or Facebook, to put it into an email, to save it to iCloud Drive, and more.

Creating a Boomerang through Instagram

To create a Boomerang in Instagram, tap the home button at the bottom right and swipe right. Tap “Boomerang” at the bottom, and then hit the white button that has an infinity symbol on it. Instagram will then take the burst of photos as with the Boomerang app, and create a Boomerang. You’ll then have the option to add a location, text, emojis, illustrations, or tag other users. When you’re done, tap the white circle with the arrow on the bottom right to share it to your Story.

Ideas for Using Boomerang

Businesses can use Boomerang to present their products, services, and culture in a unique way. Here are some ideas on ways to put these fun animations to good use:

  • Personal trainers can make a Boomerang out of a person lifting weights.
  • Hair salons can have customers show off their new look with a hair flip.
  • Bakeries can drizzle finishing touches onto their cupcakes.
  • Use a Boomerang to add some life to an online event invite.
  • Capture team members high fiving or doing something fun in the office.

See how creative you can get with this unique tool. Refresh your brain, have fun, and delight your target audience, all at once!

Kristen McCormick
Kristen McCormick
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