Marketing Tool of the Week: Crowdfire

In order to grow your social media presence, you need to understand the engaged users. Many social media users want to know who unfollowed them or who doesn’t follow them back. Crowdfire is a follower management platform that answers these questions.

How to Use Crowdfire

What is Crowdfire?

Crowdfire is a powerful phone app and online website that helps you grow your Twitter and Instagram account reach. This tool has a variety of functions designed to understand your social analytics as well as manage your social publishing. Not only can you view following statistics, but you can also find relevant users to follow who are already following you.

Your social media success is directly related to the size of your follower network. Simply put, the more followers you have, the more people see your updates, and the greater your network. Growing your social network presence and connecting with other users is crucial to marketing your business because it increases social media engagement. An increase in followers and user engagement means broader awareness for your brand.

How Does Crowdfire Work?IMG_1588

Crowdfire enables you to see all of your followers, unfollowers, those that do and don’t follow you back. With Crowdfire you can also see who has engaged the most with your account. If you find users that have unfollowed you or don’t follow back, you can easily unfollow them through the platform.

Crowdfire also helps find relevant users to follow, checks the relationship between two accounts, and helps you keep track of how your posting to these social media sites may affect your follower statistics. 


How to Use Crowdfire as a Marketing Tool

For marketing your business and growing your social media accounts, you should follow relevant users in hopes that they follow you back. Crowdfire allows one to search for these relevant users and follow them all at once. If, after a certain period of time, they don’t reciprocate, simply unfollow them and focus on other users. Crowdfire imposes limits on the amount per hour you can unfollow, so check back later if you have to unfollow hundreds of users that didn’t follow back. As of June 2016, you can follow/unfollow up to 60 accounts per hour.

Highlighted Features on Crowdfire

Here is what you can see on Crowdfire:


See the people you follow that don’t follow you back. One way to get more followers is to follow users in hopes they will follow back. You can see those that haven’t reciprocated, and unfollow them to focus your efforts elsewhere.

Unfollowers and Followers

See the people that have recently followed and unfollowed you. You may want to follow back any interesting user that shows interest in your account.


See the followers that you don’t follow back. This is how to find the organic followers that engaged with your profile on their own.


See your most engaged followers. This is useful for knowing who is most enthusiastic and shows constant support for your business. These are the loyal customers that you should engage with.

Here is what you can do on Crowdfire:

Friend Check

Check the follow relationship between two accounts. For example, lets say you are picking a winner for an Instagram contest, you can use this feature to find a winner that follows you, not someone who just entered to win something.
friend check crowdfire

Blacklist and Whitelist

Add certain users that you don’t want to unfollow or don’t want to follow to either list.

Copy Followers

Follow specific users that might reciprocate. This tool enables you to find relevant accounts to engage with.
copy followers crowdfire


Unfollow those that unfollowed you, or don’t follow you. This is a great tool to flush out unengaged users in order to focus on finding ones that will interact.

Schedule Instagram Photos

TakeOff feature allows you to schedule Instagram photos at the best suggested time along with suggested hashtags to use. This is perfect for posting at the right time to get the most likes and engagement with your picture.
schedule instagram photos crowdfire

How do you manage your social media networks? Have you used Crowdfire or an app like it?

7 Responses to “Marketing Tool of the Week: Crowdfire”

  1. Dawn Capper

    The blacklist option is not explained in any great detail. This makes it not very simple to use. I’m looking all over for a way to create a blacklist on one of my accounts. Thanks.

    • Emily Weisberg

      Hi Dawn – Thanks for the feedback. If you want to create a blacklist for one of your accounts, you can click “Blacklist” in the menu of the Crowdfire app and search through the accounts of people who follow you who you do not wish to ever follow. There may be more features in the paid version of Crowdfire, but for now, that should get you started!

  2. Great article! Thanks! I don’t see the “copy followers” feature for Instagram, yet in the example it shows the Instagram icon. Is it available for Instagram or was there a recent change which removed it from Instagram?

  3. I’ve used CrowdFire for several years and really like it. However, I am still looking for a tool that will allow me to see when I followed those who don’t follow me back. I don’t want to unfollow someone without giving them at least a couple of months to engage. People have real lives. Or at least they should.

    • Emily Weisberg

      Hi Melissa – Instagram has become more strict with third party integrations like Crowdfire, which makes this even more difficult to do. Fingers crossed for a new or updated tool for finding non-followers!

  4. I’m really bummed IG dropped these guys, the app was great and helped get followers really quick!

  5. This is a great review of Crowdfire! It is important to remember to tweet consistently and with the highest relevancy possible. Use the top 10 best practices to build a loyal twitter follower base.


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