• Are You Making This Marketing Mistake?

Your website is the key to getting your business found online. You’ve spent valuable time and money making your website a reflection of marketing mistake website checklistyourself and your business. But there’s a big mistake that you might be making that undermines that effort. Website check-ins.

One of the biggest mistakes that small business owners can make is not checking in to ensure that their website is up to date with relevant information. Business information changes often in small businesses and updating your website is the best way to keep potential customers informed.

What should you be checking on your website? How often should you be checking them?

Here’s a list of website check-ins to go through once a month:

About Us: This is one of the most important pages of your website. Why? Because it tells the customer your personal story. Have things changed for you recently? If your employees are featured on this page, make sure to keep it up to date with employee biographies.

Perhaps you or one of your employees has obtained a new degree or certification. That’s important information! What about business milestones like anniversaries and success? Every McDonald’s sign tells you how many burgers they have sold–what about your business? “Proudly serving donuts to the people of Anywhere, USA for over 5 years!” or  “Our fitness members have lost 5,000 pounds over the past year!” are great examples of business milestones to add to your About Us page.

Hours of Operation: Did your hours of operation change after the summer? Will you be having extended holiday hours or closing early for the holidays? Make sure to put a notice on your website under your “Hours of Operation” so that customers know exactly when they can reach you. Nothing will turn a customer away like getting to a new business to find the lights off and the doors locked. It’s also a good idea to update your voicemail with this information for callers. If your hours do change, set a reminder when your business is back to operating during normal business hours and update accordingly.

Social Media: If you’re new to social media, share the links to your pages on your website so that customers can follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. Make sure that links to social media are present on your blog so that your content is easily shareable across these mediums. Also, if you change or customize the URLs to your pages (like on Facebook or LinkedIn) check to ensure that the links to your social media pages are correct.

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Product and Services: Do you have a new product or service that your business is offering for the Fall or holiday season? If you don’t, check out these ideas!

Maybe you’re running a new member special for your fitness club, a fall-inspired cranberry facial at your day spa, or teaching a Do-It-Yourself centerpiece making class at your flower shop. If you’ve added any holiday themed products or services, make sure to update the information and pricing on your website!

Email responses: Do you have emails that are automatically generated when someone fills out a form? Maybe you have an email signature that posts whenever you send an email out. Keep these automatic things up to date for the season to add a more personal element to your marketing. Simple things like changing your signature to read: Happy Thanksgiving! Seasons Greetings! or Happy New Year! can make an impact.


Keeping your website up to date is an easy fix for small business owners. Print out this list and add it to your marketing calendar to update your website once a month!

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