• Marketing Lessons on Superbowl Sunday


With Superbowl Sunday mere days away, everyone’s already talking about the best part of the whole game: the ads.

Why are Superbowl ads so great? Why do we love them? And, more importantly, what can we learn from them as small businesses?

Fox Business writes that, not only are Superbowl commercials fun to watch, but they also provide important marketing lessons for small business owners everywhere. They have key elements that all (hopefully) have one result: they keep people talking. This “buzz” is what makes great marketing – everyday people talking about your brand and your products keeps word of mouth spreading and top of mind awareness of your company.

But when big corporations like Budweiser and GoDaddy are spending zillions on their 30 seconds of fame, how does the small business relate? In fact, there’s no need to spend piles of cash to get “buzz.” Just be memorable! Be shocking, be funny, be educational…. if you can do that, you can get people talking (and remembering) your brand.

Read more about what lessons you can take away from those great ads this Superbowl Sunday!

So tune in this Sunday, root for your favorite team, and take a lesson from this year’s Superbowl ads!

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