• March Instagram Ideas and Examples

March Instagram Post Examples

Feel like everyone is using trendy pseudo-holidays to market their business on Instagram but you? To help you stay ahead of the curve this month, we’re highlighting the fun “holidays” that are observed in March and how to use them to effectively engage your followers. For more ideas on March Marketing, check out our post on March Blog and Marketing Ideas.

And for ideas for the whole year, download our full (free) marketing calendar here.

March Instagram Post Examples

March Awareness Causes

Not only does March have a load of interesting holidays, but the awareness causes for the month include reading, Women’s History, brain injury, youth art, nutrition and March Madness. If you’re in a niche that caters to any of these topics, start celebrating and do it with an Instagram post!

Take a look at how these businesses are capitalizing on their passions with interesting visuals

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March Hashtags

#read2018 #womenshistory #BrainInjuryawarenessmonth #TBIChampion #MarchMadness #NationalChampionship #youthartmonth #youthart #nutritionawarenessmonth #healthyeating #healthyfood

Women’s Awareness

Create a code for online shoppers to apply discounts to their purchases which coincide with an awareness cause:

march instagram ideas womans day

march instagram ideas womans day

Reading Awareness

Use the hashtag #nationalreadingmonth to engage with your followers:

march instagram ideas reading

Nutrition Awareness

If you’re in the restaurant industry or a health expert, you’ve got a big opportunity this month with National Nutrition Awareness. Post healthy recipes and gorgeous food photos or invite people in for a preset course in celebration of the month!

march instagram ideas dietician

You can also be a bit tongue-in-cheek and describe your business as “food for the soul” or highlight true health benefits your services provide that nourish your body or mind. It doesn’t have to be food-related so don’t try to make your business fit into these holidays too literally!


march instagram ideas


March Holiday Calendar

This month, there are so many interesting holiday favorites. The below can apply to any type of business and are some of the most popular days in March.

Pi Day – if you like being “punny” you’ve found the holiday for you. Most people like to post images of edible pies in celebration of the holiday, but in actuality Pi, the mathematical symbol for 3.14159, lands on 3/14 which are the first three digits of this mathematical constant.


march instagram ideas pi day


march instagram ideas


St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrated by practically everyone, you don’t want to miss a well-placed post on March 17th. Post an image of staff wearing all green or adopt the luck of the Irish to promote your business.

march instagram ideas st pattys

march instagram ideas st pattys

First Day of Spring

A fresh theme to explore is celebrating the return of warm weather. The first day of spring lands on March 20th and even if it’s still chilly in your neck of the woods you can get people in the mood for flowers and sunshine by posting pastel-rich photos.

march instagram ideas spring


Or get real about your situation…


march instagram ideasNational Puppy Day

Everyone.loves.puppies. If you’ve got a dog-friendly business, snap photos of patrons and their pups and post them to Instagram on March 23rd tagging your customers to cultivate those relationships. Or, take photos of your own pup and share with your followers and give people a more personal view of your life. Here’s an example of a company running a promo based on the holiday.

march instagram ideas puppy day

National Mom and Pop Business Day

Remind your followers to shop local on this small business-friendly holiday. On March 29th, toot your own horn or promote your favorite local partners to show some partner appreciation.

march instagram ideas

Come up with your monthly posts at the beginning of the month if you can. You don’t want to space and miss your favorite holiday!

Don’t Forget Facebook and GMB

Instagram shouldn’t be your only destination for social media marketing this March. Check out our March Facebook Post Ideas and be sure to post to your Google My Business profile as well.


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