• The Makings of a Great Email Campaign


Every recipe has a list of required ingredients. What truly makes the difference, however, is quality ingredients and the patience to follow the process carefully and correctly.

Your digital marketing is no different.

The success of your marketing campaigns depends entirely on the quality of the messaging you deliver and your ability to follow best practices to achieve your goals.

Whether it’s an email marketing campaign or a series of Facebook Ads, you need to ensure that your communications are the best they can be.

What makes a great email?

1.  A Powerful Subject Line

First and foremost, you need a powerful subject line your recipients just can’t ignore. After all, it’s your biggest hurdle. If they never click to open your message, the rest of it just doesn’t matter. Nail your subject line with power words and clear value for customers that dare to open.

In Email Marketing, Subject Lines are Everything so use Power Words for Powerful Emails.

2.  Engaging, Salesy Language

An email campaign is not the place to get poetic about your business. People are busy and their inboxes are flooded with messaging every day. Make your email clear, direct, and get to the point quickly. Demonstrate value and you’ll keep customers’ attention.

Follow these 3 Tips to Maximize Your Email Marketing ROI to ensure your messaging is engaging!

3.  A Desirable Offer

Why should your customers care about your email? Appeal to their self-interested side with an exciting promotion or special deal. Nothing gets a person’s attention better than an offer that has clear value and makes it worth their while to open, click, and learn more.

Quality is the most important thing, so stick to The Golden Rule: Direct Email Edition.

4.  Obvious Call to Action

How does a customer take advantage of your special promotion? What are they supposed to do next? They’ve opened your email – don’t lose momentum by making it hard to figure out what their next steps are. Keep the excitement going with one focused CTA, whether it’s clicking through to get a free brochure, sign up for your newsletter, or print their coupon to use in-store.

Here’s How to Create an Effective Call to Action.

5.  A Follow-Up

Don’t leave your customers hanging. They may have been interested in your email, but life gets in the way and it’s easy to lose track. Your campaign is most effective with a couple of well-placed emails to keep the conversation going and your business on their minds. Don’t overdo it, of course, but a monthly email with your latest special wouldn’t be amiss.

So You Sent an Email – What’s Next?

With a combination of best practices and quality content, you have a recipe for success with your next email marketing campaign. Focus on delivering the right messaging and your customers will be thrilled to see your email pop up in their inbox!


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