• How to Link an Instagram Account to a Facebook Business Page

linking your instagram account to facebook page

Instagram is the storybook of social media, Facebook is the textbook, and Twitter is the note you pass to your friends in class. Instagram is one of the best ways to actually show your audience how effective your business can truly be, rather than just telling them. One way to do this is to link your Facebook and Instagram accounts so that you can cross-promote your Instagram posts to Facebook. This post will walk you through linking your business accounts to save you time marketing your business. 

Linking Your Instagram Account to Your Facebook Page (1)

If you’re trying to increase your audience’s engagement on Instagram, it’s important to know how to share and repost images on your other social media accounts.  By reposting your photos, you’re given free reign to show customers what you think is great about your business and highlight what you consider to be your best work.

The Importance of Sharing

Instagram is one of the most-used social media platforms of today, and users post everything from vacation photos to food and coffee from the local new hip restaurant.  Every day, millions of customers post photos to Instagram, tagging businesses all over the world. Instagram is built around a sense of community and interaction, which makes knowing how to share content from Instagram to Facebook essential to keeping your Facebook content fresh.  

Many business owners post photos to Instagram and then open Facebook and post the same picture. Posting on multiple sites is a great way to get engagement across social media channels, but doing it is cumbersome and time-consuming. What if there was an easier way to cross-promote the photos on your Instagram page? There is! By linking your Facebook Page to your Instagram account, you can easily share photos from Instagram to Facebook with just the tap of a button! Here’s how to do it!

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How to Link Instagram to a Facebook Page

To link your Instagram to other social media accounts, tap the gear icon in the top right corner of your profile screen.  Once on the new screen, scroll down to the “settings” section and click “linked accounts,” which is the first option on the menu.  Next, a list of all of your social media accounts will appear.  Click Facebook, and a list of Facebook pages you manage will show.  From there, choose which Facebook page you would like to link with your Instagram.  Repeat these steps for all social media accounts you would like to link with your Instagram account. After you link your Instagram account to your Facebook page, you can switch to an Instagram business profile, too!

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How to Share Instagram Photos on Facebook

Much like sharing on Facebook, Instagram gives its users fast, easy ways to engage with their audience by sharing posts.  Sharing on Instagram isn’t as popular as sharing on Facebook, but it can be very useful if you run social media contests or giveaways.  

To share a photo on Instagram, simply find the photo you’d like to share and tap the three grey dots at the top right of the screen so a window pops up, giving you the option to delete, edit, or share the photo.  When you’re brought to the familiar “Share” page you see whenever you post a photo, you can change the caption and choose what other social media accounts you’d like to share the post to.  

By sharing your Instagram posts on your other social media pages, you achieve consistency as a company while also showing people who aren’t on Instagram what your company is up to.

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What to Share on Facebook

Sharing and reposting on Instagram like you do on Facebook has only recently gained popularity as more businesses have begun to use the social media platform.  That being said, some users aren’t really sure how to share, and if they are, they don’t always know what to share.  It’s easy and fast to see posts as you’re scrolling through your timeline, but once you scroll past a photo, it’s almost impossible to find it again.  This is what you don’t want to happen to your business’s photos, and why it’s important to know how to repost images from your account that you want people to see more than once.

Social Media Giveaways

If you’re a company that runs giveaways where you ask your followers to post a picture and tag your company, or use a hashtag, sharing the contest to Facebook can help increase your following and increase engagement. When doing giveaways and special promotions, make sure that all of the rules are exactly the same across all social media platforms.  An easy way to ensure that the rules are the same is to have an a small blurb that you post as a caption whenever you run a giveaway.

Customer Photos

Posting  your followers’ Instagram photos to your Facebook is a great way to take advantage of free marketing. Plus, your audience will love the extra publicity for their accounts and feel even more valued by your business. If you find a great photo that a customer posted at your business location or of your products or events, share it to your Facebook page to show other people the fun they’re missing out on! 

Sales Promotions

Running a special sales promotion on Instagram? Share it to Facebook too! Cross promoting sales promotions over your various accounts is a great way to increase your customer base and your sales.

What Not to Share

When sharing between Instagram and Facebook, photos and short videos are great on both platforms. However there is certain content that should just be left to either Facebook or Instagram.  


When it comes to events, spreading the word is important, but the event pages and details are best left on Facebook. There are various ways to promote Facebook events that work best on Facebook rather than Instagram. If you want to talk about the event on Instagram, feel free to post some pictures from the event itself, but keep the promotion beforehand on your Facebook page.  Instagram captions should be concise and should quickly get to the point of the image, and event captions will hold too much detail to keep your Instagram neat and visually pleasing.


When posting from Instagram to Facebook, ditch the hashtags when you share. Hashtags work well on Instagram because of the search features, but more than one on Facebook is waste of time and looks spammy. When you share to Facebook, you have the opportunity to edit your caption. Remove any hashtags or all but one before posting to Facebook.


As Instagram is becoming a more popular marketing option for businesses, it’s vital to know exactly how to use Instagram in the most effective way to help your company.  Have you shared any Instagram posts onto Facebook? Let us know how it worked in the comments below!

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    Hi. Thanks for the useful info! But I’m finding that when I try to link my Facebook business account to my business’s Insta account, my iPhone only wants to link to my personal Facebook account, which is obviously no good to me. Do you know of a way around this??

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