• Lights! Camera! Action! The Value of Video For Your Business


What can you do with 30 seconds?

Reheat last night’s dinner? Check email on your phone?

How about organically build your brand, drive your revenue through the roof, and capture steadfast customer loyalty?

That’s right. It’s time to use your own short form video content to take customer engagement to the next level!

Everybody’s Doing It

These days, almost every big brand, small business, and savvy entrepreneur is beginning to truly see (and utilize) the usefulness of interactive and user-generated video content.

Rising social media stars like Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, and Meerkat are rocketing to new heights of fame because of their video-rich content platforms and accessibility to just about everyone on earth with a mobile device. And smart companies buying into mobile video are getting 3X the click-through rates (CTR), making video the strongest driver in the business.

Are they all doing something you can’t? No way! That’s the beauty of video. It’s so easy, anyone can do it. But to get the best results from your content, you have to know how to do it right.

Becoming A Star – How to Create Great Video Ads

You don’t need fancy equipment; all camera phones allow for video recording. But you’re not doing this just for fun. As a professional, you’re here to build awareness for your business and make money.

You need expert guidance and a clear path to create something truly amazing:

  1. Make a Publishing Plan: Creating a publishing schedule for your video content – to coincide with, say, a new big product launch – is essential. Set up a consecutive series of videos that will stay in your clients’ minds days after they have seen it.
  2. Tap The Professionals: Marketing agencies have the advanced tools to integrate script, voice overs, music, on-screen branded messaging text, and more to produce a short form video that looks and performs the way you need it to.
  3. Create Content That Works: Tutorials are some of the most effective forms of video you can create (just ask YouTube). They showcase you solving a customer issue in real time – using your product and establishing you as a subject-matter expert.
  4. Include a Call To Action: Sales conversions are BORN from greats calls to action. When the customer knows exactly what to do next after they’ve seen your video (preferably with coupon in hand), you’ve won.

User-Generated Content

If your business isn’t ready to launch a professional video campaign, let your customers do the talking! Capture people using and reviewing your products, or create contests to see who can put together the quickest, best video about your business – and share it on social media. It’s unique, quality content curated by the people who know your products best – the customers using them! Let your customers do the work and transform them into your best marketers, influencers, and sales people.

Video is on the rise. No doubt about it. According to many, by 2017 video is expected to account for 69% of all consumer Internet traffic.

When that happens, how will your customers know you? Will you be behind the camera, ready to meet the world?

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