• Keeping your business out of the summer social media slump


If you’re anything like me, you start making summer vacation plans in oh, perhaps February? It has been proven that even just planning a vacation can reduce stress! Which is why it is important for us all to take the time, step away from everyday life and decompress.

Unfortunately, vacationing as an adult requires a bit of planning ahead, such as who’s responsible for taking in the mail, feeding the cat, and most importantly, monitoring your social media campaign? (If your business doesn’t currently have Social Media in the mix, you might want to rethink that vacation!) You’ve spent all those cold dreary winter days building a successful online presence for your business, don’t let a bit of sunshine leave you in a Summer Social Media Slump, otherwise known as SSMS!

Constant engagement is key to a successful social media plan. It’s easy to become lax about everyday work responsibilities during the summer. However, it is essential to your business to realize customers aren’t on holiday as well. They will continue to look for the engaging content and feedback you provide, regardless of time of year. A lack of upkeep on your sites may force your followers to seek out new information, from your competitors! Additionally, by maintaining your social media newsfeed, you have great opportunity to reach an additional customer base while your competitors are “unplugged” at their mountain cabin.

How to avoid SMSS

Have a plan

  • Know how often you are going to post, when you are going to post, and where you are going to post.
  • Prepare your content in advance – this way you’ll provide valuable content to your readers, rather than throwing something together at the last minute. Facebook recently launched new functionality that allows you to schedule posts ahead of time. In addition, there are lots of tools out there that offer the same features.


Stick to the plan

  • If you typically post, blog, tweet, update or skywrite 6 times a day, you should aim to maintain that same level of engagement while out of the office.
  • Keep your content relevant – although the view from your beach chair may be beautiful or you’re having your first cocktail at noon, it’s not necessarily helpful information for your customers.


Have a digital marketing agency monitor your strategy for you

  • Professionals are typically pretty good at their jobs; why not let one run your social media strategy while you are on vacation?
  • Feeling confident that your customers are being engaged and attended to allows you to relax on your days off.
  • Working with an agency will allow you to fully enjoy your vacation!


Spend time preparing your marketing strategies now, so you can play later. Don’t get caught in a SSMS!

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