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When the temperature starts to rise and the days get longer, we know summer is finally here! While the summer season can be a slow time of year for some businesses, others are booming with traffic from tourists and out-of-towners. Whether your business is exploding or slowing, there is no better way to celebrate the season than by growing your business with summer marketing. Here are some June marketing ideas specifically for Instagram that you can bring to life.

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10 June Instagram Marketing Ideas & Examples

1. June 1st, National Donut Day

A sweet way to start off your June Instagram marketing ideas is with a celebration of National Donut Day! Even if your business isn’t in the food industry, there are lots of fun collaborations you can do, such as hosting a pop-up event with a local bakery, or a sip and shop event with free donuts for guests. You can even host a decorating contest for kids, or collaborate with a charity for a special donut-themed offer with a donation. This example on Instagram below features delicious looking and eye-catching donuts that make the reader say “Yum!”

june instagram marketing ideas and examples

june instagram marketing ideas and examples

2. June 5th, World Environment Day

The state of our planet is a hot-button topic, and any environmentally conscious actions are sure to attract customers. Collecting donations for a charity or offering limited edition eco-friendly items will help to promote green business practices. A recyclable gift with purchase, such as a reusable bag or metal straw to reduce waste, will also keep clients thinking highly of your company. Visually appealing and earthy tones for your June 5th Instagram post will interest your audience and draw them in.

june instagram marketing ideas and examples

3. June 8th, Best Friday Day

Since almost everyone has a best, or close, friend, National Best Friend Day is a very relatable holiday and a great excuse for a sale. Buy-one-get-one sales or discounts are especially common for holidays where two people are recognized as being close.

Another event idea is to host an after-hours shopping event where guests can invite one friend each to join them and enjoy free treats, sips, and special offers. Celebrating National Best Friday Day on Instagram can also be done in the form of a social media contest, where best friends can post pictures together and include a specific hashtag to win a prize.

june instagram marketing ideas and examples

4. June 10th, National Iced Tea Day

While not everyone drinks it, iced tea day is a reminder that summer is here and that the weather is beautiful, which puts everyone in a good mood. If you collaborate with a local coffeehouse or bakery that specializes in tea, you can host a pop-up at your business and offer free tea for guests, or a coupon for a free tea with purchase. If you have a brick and mortar location, providing iced tea samples is another great way to get foot traffic and spread brand awareness!

june instagram marketing ideas and examples

5. June 14th, Flag Day

Everyone loves an excuse to show a little Patriotism! Flag Day is a great way to continue to celebrate America, even after Memorial Day has passed and July 4th is still a few weeks away. Incorporating red, white, and blue or an American flag into your decorations, your Instagram photos, or packaging materials for hard goods.

june instagram marketing ideas and examples

6. June 17th, Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a holiday that most of us can enjoy and connect with, so it’s a perfect time to test new June marketing ideas. Your Father’s Day marketing needs to be personal, genuine, and appeal to your audience of fathers, or people shopping for them. Creating a social media gift guide that can be easily shared, a special Father’s Day discount or gift with purchase, when you bring your dad are all great ways to drive sales and increase brand awareness.

june instagram marketing ideas and examples

7. June 21st, First Day of Summer

The first day of summer, also known as the summer solstice, is a perfect time of year to launch a new collection, throw a beach-themed party, or offer a gift with purchase relevant to the season, such as a beach blanket or koozie. Creating a Pinterest board or blog posts on fun summer activities or must-haves for your business will also help to gain traction on your social platforms. Celebrating the first day of summer is a great and easy way to help fill your June Instagram marketing calendar.

june instagram marketing ideas and examples

8. June 22nd, Take Your Dog to Work Day

Many people consider their pets to be their family, so recognizing and celebrating Take Your Dog to Work Day will allow much of your audience to feel included! Offering free treats for pups that stop by your location, or hosting an Instagram contest with a specific hashtag for the cutest pups, will also draw in new guests and increase your social media presence. Incorporating Take Your Dog to Work Day into your June Instagram marketing calendar will help to gain more social traction and engagement!

june instagram marketing ideas and examples

9. June 23rd, Public Service Day

Much like World Environment Day, Public Service Day is another holiday where you can promote positive vibes! Public Service Day is a way to acknowledge men and women that do good for the community and dedicate their lives to the public. A way to do this would be to feature a prominent member of the community on social media or offer a discount to those in the public sector who show ID.

june instagram marketing ideas and examples

10. International Sunglasses Day

While National Sunglasses Day may seem like a silly holiday, there are a lot of ways to get creative. Any picture with sunglasses is fun, whether you post a photo on Instagram with your employees, children, or pets. You can also offer free sunglasses with your business logo printed on the outside frame for easy, free advertising.

June instagram marketing ideas


Use these 10 examples to come up with some engaging Instagram posts for your business in June!


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