Customer Success Specialist

We’re looking for a great communicator with a passion for small business marketing and the ability to troubleshoot and solve technical issues to ensure a great experience for our customers. You will be tasked with responding to customer inquiries regarding technical issues and basic marketing concerns by phone, email, and live chat. You must be friendly, courteous, and professional. You will be interacting with lots of great people from around the country who own a range of interesting and different small businesses. Your answers help keep them in business and put food on their tables.

You will also be responsible for customer training. ThriveHive offers a range of tools and reports for small business owners and you will help our new customers get on board by conducting one-on-one and group training sessions using remote conferencing tools. This will require you to be thoroughly knowledgeable about ThriveHive’s marketing tools and be able to deliver customized training depending on the needs of each business.

Your third area of responsibility is instrumentation. ThriveHive’s power comes from its ability to measure our customers’ marketing. In order to do so, we must put mechanisms in place to actually capture the marketing data. We’ll teach you how to do the instrumentation, but you must be interested in learning about HTML and CSS and website management if you aren’t already familiar. Previous experience with WordPress would be a huge help (including personal web projects).

Working at a company that is growing quickly like ThriveHive means we have lots of fun and work hard. Along with your major responsibilities, we may find other areas for you to grow into such as developing our help content, working with our website and marketing, and other areas that make sense depending on your strengths.

Your responsibilities:

  • Instrument customer websites with ThriveHive tracking code, forms, phone numbers, etc.

  • Make our customers more successful by training and assisting them with using ThriveHive

  • Respond quickly to questions about ThriveHive which may range from technical to marketing-related

  • Assist in developing our customer service practice

  • Augment our training and help content

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