• January Instagram Post Ideas for Business

January Instagram Post Ideas and Examples

It’s the start of a new year, and time to kick off your social media marketing right! Not sure about what to post on Instagram this January for your business? This post contains 16 examples of January-themed Instagram posts. Use the images, captions, and commentary on the posts as inspiration for your own.

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January Instagram Post Ideas and Examples


1. Motivate Your Audience

If your business is new-year-goal-friendly (such as with health and fitness), try taking a motivational approach in your posts. This jazzercise club Instagram post makes a great example, with:

•  Appealing offer: start for $0, two free sessions, $10 discount
•  Motivational message: “You have zero reasons not to start”, an inspiring graphic, #thisisyouryear hashtag
•  Urgency: putting a deadline on the offer


january instagram ideas and examples

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 2. Run a #JanuarySale

Even if you don’t have a product or service relevant to the new year, you can still run a sale simply for the sake of January. The beauty salon below offers 20% off through the month of January. The post is effective because it highlights the benefits of their service, offers a clear sale: 20% off through January, and uses the #januarysale hashtag.

january instagram ideas and examples

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3. Promote January-Themed Products

Similar to running a sale just for the sake of January, you might also look to create a January-themed product or service that you can promote with an Instagram post. Making monthly-themed products increases their appeal for buyers as both end users and gift givers. This fashion boutique uses Instagram to promote “January smiles” earring and cuffs.

january instagram ideas and examples

4. Run Next-Year Discounts and Deals

Does your business relate to anything seasonal or annual? This wedding makeup artist, for example, is looking to capitalize on the popularity of engagements that happen during the holidays. Rather than running a sale for the current month, she is promoting a deal for January of the following year, when the wedding might take place.

january instagram ideas and examples

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5. Showcase Valentines Day Gift Ideas

In addition to making use of the #JanuarySale hashtag, this printmaker appeals to those in her audience who are searching for Valentine’s Day gifts. Be sure to use gift-related hashtags such as #valentinesdaygifts, #giftideas, and #valentinesdaygiftideas.

january instagram ideas and examples


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6. Winter Tip Posts

This Instagram post idea is especially effective for businesses of regions that experience seasonal weather changes. Realtors, for example, can offer tips about home maintenance with relevant hashtags. The useful information can be written in the caption of your Instagram post such as with the below example:

january instagram ideas and examples

Or, the Instagram image itself can serve as the tip:

january instagram ideas and examples

Note the hashtags used in the above two posts: #wintertips #homeownertips #winterizemyhome #roofmaintenance #realtorprotip

7. Share a Winter- or January-Related Infographic

This is similar to sharing tips and information. For example, this restoration company provides an infographic- style image of safety tips for home heating.

january instagram ideas and examples

In addition to using the hashtags #safetytips and #wintersafety, they also use location- and industry-specific hashtags to reinforce the services they provide and the contexts under which they provide them.

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8. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

There are various ways to incorporate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day into your Instagram marketing.

MLK Day Specials

Run a Martin Luther King Day Special. This tax and accounting firm came up with a Mimosas and Money MLK Day Special, which helps to distinguish them from their competitors, stand out to their followers, and even generate leads through their event.

january instagram ideas and examples


MLK Day Hours Announcement

You can also simply post your hours for MLK Jr. Day. Customers will appreciate being informed in advance, and without having to seek out the information themselves.

january instagram ideas and examples


MLK Day Messaging

In the Instagram example below, a volunteer organization emphasizes MLK Jr. Day not as a day off from work, but a day “on”. All of the components of the post—the quote in the image, the caption, the hashtags used int eh caption, and blog post pointed to in their bio link—serve to strengthen their brand messaging of making a change and showing their audience how they can do so themselves.

january instagram ideas and examples

9. National Bird Day

In this first Instagram example, the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters posts about National Bird Day to appeal to their audience. Asking their followers to share favorites and stories about birds is a great way to increase engagement.

january instagram ideas and examples


10. National Backward Day

Another national observance in January is National Backward Day. This holiday is great for coming up with creative and silly ways to promote your products.

january instagram ideas and examples


11. National Cut Energy Costs Day

The Instagram post below by a real estate team makes use of a few different Instagram strategies here. First, they use a national observance. Second, they tag a popular Instagram user in their caption to make use of influencer marketing. Third, they provide a useful tip to offer value to their followers. These methods help the business to expand their reach and build trust with their audience.

january instagram ideas and examples

12. National Compliment Day

Sephora makes use of National Compliment Day in January to create a light and positive post. You can’t go wrong with complimenting your followers, especially on National Compliment Day! Note how they also use “double taps” to add that extra appeal to Instagram users specifically.

january instagram ideas and examples



13. National Dress Up Your Pet Day

How could we write a post on January Instagram ideas without mentioning this holiday? We don’t encourage you to post pictures of your pets every day, but lucky for you, there is a day where this is okay! Whether you simply dress up your pet for a light and humorous post or find a way to relate it to your product or service, this January Instagram post idea is a fun one for all.

january instagram ideas and examples

Other January Post Ideas

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Did you know we have a calendar with observances ideas for marketing throughout the year? Download our free full Marketing Calendar for creative marketing, all year round.

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