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January Facebook Ideas and Examples (1)

Looking for ideas for Facebook posts this January? You’re in luck. Not only does Facebook’s versatility allow you to get creative with how you market your business; but also, there is a variety of themes, holidays, and observances this month to help you stand apart from competitors and stand out to your audience.

This post covers Facebook ideas specifically for some of the many holidays and events of January.

For ideas for the whole year, download our full free marketing calendar here.

January Facebook Ideas and Examples

Help Your Followers with their New Years Resolutions

This is one of the most popular January marketing ideas. There are a number of ways to appeal to your audience on Facebook through the new year resolution theme. In the example below, Betty Crocker promotes a weeknight menu they created for those with a dietary new years resolution.

january facebook ideas and examples



Create a New Years Resolution Facebook Event

Another approach is to host an event where your audience can engage with your business in the context of new years resolutions. This life coaching business has it easy since resolutions are an overarching theme in their industry, but they still do a great job describing, promoting, and generating excitement for their event via Facebook.

january facebook ideas and examples




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Beat January Blues with a Sale

Many Facebook posts in January capitalize on the excitement of the new year, but for some businesses, their target audience is in need of some cheering up from post-holiday letdown or some motivation as they begin a new chapter. Blank Canvas Cosmetics’ “banish January blues” Facebook post is a great example of this.

january facebook ideas and examples


Invite Reflection on the Holidays

Some audiences are pumped for the new year, others are off to a slow start, and yet others are still recovering from the holidays. This would be the case with an audience like that of Vistaprint’s. Their customers have been designing, printing, stamping, mailing, and coordinating over the past month or two. Their Facebook post below shows empathy for their audience and invites them to engage on an emotion all too familiar to them at this time.

january facebook ideas and examples


Create a Post Related to a Winter Sporting Event

Another idea for Facebook in January is to comment on or post about events popular to your target audience. Under Armour, for example, posted a video to Facebook of an artist drawing a portrait of Julio Jones, an NFL player who had stood out in a game the previous weekend.


january facebook ideas and examplesjanuary facebook ideas and examples




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Use Facebook Live on a National Observance Day

This bookstore did a Facebook Live event on National Puzzle Day. You don’t have to offer a product or service related to puzzles in order to post to Facebook on this day. You could create a puzzle contest and promote it on Facebook, engage your audience by asking puzzling questions, or ask them what puzzles them about your industry so you can provide answers and knowledge.

january facebook ideas and examples



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Post About International National Fun at Work Day

International Fun at Work Day is one of our favorite January holidays, especially for Facebook posting. Showcasing your office culture is important for fostering a transparent relationship with your audience as well as showing the humans behind the business.

Graphics & More takes a different approach to this holiday. Rather than showing how they have fun at work, they show how their products serve as great gifts—gifts that can make work more fun for their target audience.

january Facebook ideas and examples



Run a January Challenge via Closed Facebook Group

You can run a challenge for any month of the year, but January is very popular as people are looking to start new and make changes. The example below is from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen. Creating a closed Facebook group for her challenge allows her to put more structure around the challenge, centralize communication, and better track participation.

January Facebook ideas and examples




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Create a Snow Day Facebook Event

Another Facebook idea for January is to run a snow day event, as with the Target example below. Whether you run a fundraiser, tutorial, hands-on class, or webinar, create a Facebook event out of it and promote it!

January facebook ideas and examples



Facebook Posts for Get to Know Your Customers Day

Get to Know Your Customers Day occurs once a quarter, on the third Thursday of January, April, July, and October.

University of Phoenix makes the connection to their audience of prospective students by showing how their successful alumni prioritize customers.

january facebook ideas and examples


Steak ‘n Shake invites its customers to share photos for a chance to get featured on their Facebook page

January Facebook ideas and examples



Norwex even further increases engagement by asking viewers to tag a customer and ask about their favorite thing about them.

january facebook ideas and examples

Other January Post Ideas

Don’t forget to post to Instagram and Google My Business! For Instagram, check out our January Instagram Post Ideas to get some inspiration.

If you’re new to posting to Google My Business, check out our Google Posting Guide. With Google My Business posts, you can get your winter offers, events, and promotions in front of your audience at the exact time they are searching for your business—it’s free targeted advertising! So be sure to capitalize.

Hopefully these January Facebook post examples and ideas will help you to come up with engaging posts of your own this month. Let us know what you come up with!

Also, did you know we have a calendar with observances ideas for marketing throughout the year? Download our free Marketing Calendar for creative marketing, all year round.

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