• It’s Mobilegeddon! Google’s Algorithm Update Takes Effect


Since Google first announced that it would be releasing a mobile algorithm update back on February 28th business owners and marketers have had mobile on their mind, some for the first time.

The April 21st rollout has been deemed mobilegeddon and mobilepocalypse due to the significant impact the update is expected to have on mobile search results and rankings across the globe. 

If you have an SEO expert on your team, chances are your website has already been optimized for mobile and is in good shape. But business owners and marketing managers that have been intimidated by creating a mobile presence may have just gotten a big wakeup call.

Why is mobile getting so much attention? Consider the numbers:

What is changing with mobilegeddon?

Google is seeking to improve the mobile search experience for users. This update does not impact paid search or desktop organic search performance rankings, but is expected to significantly impact mobile search results on smartphones and tablets.

Here are the major changes, in a nutshell:

  • Organic search results will now be based on popularity as well as mobile compatibility
  • Google will now label mobile-friendly sites in search results
  • The algorithm updates in real time, rewarding sites as mobile compatibility improves
  • This algorithm will analyze the mobile compatibility of individual pages, rather than a site-wide analysis
  • Information from mobile application indexing will also be a factor in ranking (exclusive to sites that have Android Apps associated with them)

Taking On Mobilegeddon

Developing and implementing a mobile strategy may be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be.

Here are a few ways to get started:

  1. Determine if your site is mobile friendly. If needed, come up with a game plan to migrate from a traditional website to a responsive site, which will automatically adapt based on screen size.
  2. Utilize Google Webmaster tools to analyze performance and site security.
  3. Implement Google Analytics on your website to acquire data about site traffic for mobile and desktop users.
  4. Establish KPIs and track trends to identify opportunities to better serve consumers on mobile platforms.

After your site is optimized for mobile users, commit to analyzing your mobile presence on a regular basis. Use Google Analytics to uncover how consumers are interacting with your mobile site and make sure mobile content is relevant.

How will the mobile algorithm update impact your business?

Many local business owners are concerned about the potential impact this update will have on future sales. The impact of this update on your company’s mobile search rankings will vary based on how much of your web traffic comes from devices like smartphones and tablets. If very little traffic comes from those devices, you won’t see much of a difference. On the other hand, if a significant amount of your site visitors come from mobile devices, you’ll certainly see an impact. Google Analytics can provide meaningful insight on site traffic data by page and device and is a great place to start.

While analyzing the data, consider how your customer makes purchasing decisions and how that may be driving mobile site traffic, even if the sale is not made on the mobile device. For instance, many online shoppers will browse items on a mobile device and then purchase them on their desktop computers.

Changing Your Digital Focus & Developing a Mobile Presence

Recognizing the importance of a mobile presence is one thing, but developing a user-focused mentality and mobile strategy can be difficult. Business leaders must first have a willingness to adapt the way they communicate with consumers and aim to become as user-friendly as possible. Fighting the evolution of digital communication on mobile is a losing battle. This focus on improving the user experience was the driving force behind Google’s investment in this update and is an approach that translates across businesses.

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