• It Takes More Than Luck in Digital Marketing


When it comes to your digital marketing strategy, it takes more than luck to make it work. No matter what tools you’re using, you can’t just “set it and forget it.” All great plans require time, effort, and a healthy dose of creativity, which is never more true than for online marketing.

Whether you’re tweeting, optimizing, or generating leads on your website…

It takes more than luck:

  • To keep your marketing strategy fresh!

Make use of display advertising to get your message out. These online billboards build brand awareness and get your name in front of customers while they navigate their favorite websites.
Pro-Tip: Boost your display ads with retargeting to stay top-of-mind with customers who’ve already shown interest in your business!

  • To generate social engagement!

Take the time to respond thoughtfully to every comment on your posts, especially the negative ones. Engaging with people on social media shows your customers you care about them, and adds a human element to an otherwise impersonal medium.

  • To help customers find your website!

Don’t forget to implement an solid SEO strategy to help people find your website. It’s important to optimize your content efficiently so you can be found by potential customers searching for your services in your area.
Pro-Tip: Remember, it’s not all about keywords. Be sure to keep your content fresh and informative, using words your customers might use to describe your services or products.

  • To spread the word!

Let your customers speak for you! Who better to talk about how great your business is than the satisfied customers you’ve served before? Use testimonials to showcase your work, adding legitimacy to your claims and providing an unbiased perspective on your services.

  • To turn leads into customers!

Be friendly, approachable, and generous with your time. Each phone call, request for information, or newsletter sign-up could mean a sale. Build relationships with potential customers, and treat every lead like your next big customer!

You certainly have plenty of options when establishing your online marketing strategy. From websites to social media, SEO to display ads, you have great tools at your fingertips for building your business and gaining new customers. But having those technologies isn’t enough! It takes more than luck to make digital marketing work for your business – it takes time, know-how, and planning.

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