• Introducing Propel Political


Did you know?

Propel has gone Political!

That’s right — we’ve officially launched PropelPolitical.com, Propel Marketing’s new foray into helping politicians and advocacy groups reach voters and get the word out.

What is Propel Political?

Voters are spending more and more of their time now online, on social media platforms, watching videos, and browsing websites.

Digital marketing can help supplement traditional campaign tactics, allowing candidates and groups to amplify their message and extend their reach.

By leveraging the expertise of our digital specialists, we’ll take your political strategy to the web, reaching up to 90% of voters online!

Online marketing tools can boost your message, targeting all the demographics and neighborhoods you need to reach, down to zip codes, age brackets, and hundreds of other characteristics. Take your strategies online to help with GOTV, volunteer coordination, fundraising, and energizing a campaign’s base.


From California to Florida, Maine to Mississippi, Propel Political can put candidates out in front of the audiences they’re trying to reach, and spread the word to push campaigns to the finish line.

Ready to get out the vote? Propel your campaign with Propel Political!


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