• Interactive Content Marketing for Small Businesses

Interactive Content Marketing for Small Business (1)

Content is king, and as more and more businesses are recognizing this need for quality content, it’s getting harder and harder to reach your audiences. Adding an interactive element to your content strategy can help change that for your business. Read on to learn about what interactive content is and how it can help your business to more effectively reach and engage with your audience.

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Interactive Content Marketing for Small Business (1)

What is Interactive Content?

Interactive content is exactly what it sounds like: content that the audience interacts with more than just reading or viewing. In return for their time, interactive content provides users with a valuable experience in one way or another. Take quizzes, for example. They’re a great way to promote engagement with your audience while providing valuable feedback for them as a result.

How Can Interactive Content Help My Business?

Interactive content is unique. It keeps your business consistently providing quality content that can attract and convert a targeted audience. By involving your customers and letting them experience your content, you’re making it much more likely that they will become paying customers. Here are some more specific benefits of adding interactive content to your marketing strategy.

Better Engagement

Interactive content engages your customers because, in essence, it facilitates a conversation with them. Interactive content invites the consumer to become a part of your pitch and brings out the curiosity or competitiveness in people.

High Conversion Rates

Interactive content has a 70% higher conversion rate compared to traditional static content (Source: Kapost).

Meaningful Sales Alignment

The great thing about interactive content is that it can be customized to match a consumer’s sales journey. When a consumer starts out his or her research, the content is simple. As the consumer progresses, however, the content becomes more complex.

What Should Your Marketing Content Look Like?

There are plenty ways to create interactive content. Quizzes, polls, infographics, interactive videos, and more. To help better reach your customers, consider the following elements when putting together your content:

Content Should Be Diverse

Giving customers only static content will mean you’re missing out on a golden conversion opportunity. Providing the same type of interactive content will also get stale. Be sure to mix up and switch up your media to keep your audience interested and engaged.

Content Should Educate Potential Buyers

Your content should educate potential customers and answer questions they have before they even have to ask them. This helps them realize you know their needs and that your business is right for them—making the chances of converting them that much higher.

Content Should Make Your Business Stand Out

When someone looks at your content, can they immediately distinguish that it’s your content versus some other business’s content? Make sure your content stays unique to your brand and sets your business apart from your competition.

Cater Your Content to Your Sales Funnel

Before a consumer turns into a paying customer, there are several different stages he or she goes through before being convinced that your business is worth their hard earned money. To better address this, make sure to create content specific to the various stages of your marketing sales funnel.

At the beginning of the customer’s journey, your content should focus on capturing his or her attention and creating curiosity that will motivate them to learn more about your business. After this initial stage, your content should focus more on exactly how your business is a solution to their problem. As they begin to trust you more and consider purchasing, your content for this stage should focus on getting them to act. In some cases, that action is to make a purchase but in other cases, it may be to engage in a smaller step such as to download a free eBook or sign up for a free trial.


Nothing is static anymore on the internet. Creating diverse, dynamic, and interactive content for your business is the key to standing out and capturing the attention of your potential customers. For more tips on creating content for your business, download the free eBook below:



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