• Instagram Video Ad Examples

Instagram Video Ad Examples

Online video is growing every day, due largely in part to social media platforms making video easier to both view and create. With smartphones, tablets, easy editing tools and filters, businesses big and small can create engaging videos to market themselves and attract more customers. Instagram video, in particular, is one such channel that can be used for effective advertising. This post will cover six Instagram video ad examples, including their call to actions, captions, and other strategies they use to engage their audience.

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Instagram Video Ad Examples

Instagram Video Ad Examples

Just like on Facebook, Instagram video ads start playing automatically when you come across them in your feed, but without sound. This helps to prevent the video ads from being too disruptive to the user’s experience (and perhaps also for the people around them). This means that your videos should be as effective with no sound as they are with sound. The examples below do not contain any talking or voice overs, but there are plenty of video ads out there that do have people talking or conversing, with captions. Take a look at the examples below to see how these brands create engaging videos, whether the sound is on, off, or nonexistent.

1. Wantable

Type: Video with captions and upbeat music (no talking).

Call to Action: Shop Now

Caption: “Build an incredible wardrobe the fun way. Your personal stylist awaits.”

Wantable gives you a glimpse into what it’s like to be a customer, with a video of a person receiving their clothing package and sorting out what they want. It’s shown from the shopper’s point of view and concludes with their logo and slogan on a simple gray background. Their black and white logo on a solid background helps to build their brand message of simplicity.

The video captions are the more engaging component of the video, with the footage adding an aesthetic background and visual representation of what’s being explained. These captions effectively incorporate features and benefits into the explanation, while the ad caption itself expresses the final outcome—an incredible wardrobe.

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2. Kayla Itsines

Type: Animated slideshow, no sound.

Call to Action: Sign Up

Caption: “Ready to try my program? Join me for a 28-minute workout in the SWEAT app today. Let’s go!”

Kayla Itsines’ Instagram ad for her women’s personal training app is an animated depiction of its features, accompanied with a shot of her smiling in each frame. Friendly, smiling faces make great ad images, and the pink bubbles, clothing and background reinforce that Kayla is a women’s personal trainer. Both Kayla’s signature logo at the bottom, as well as the friendly and motivational tone in her caption, helps to convey Kayla’s friendly and motivational brand personality.

examples of instagram ads

3. Upright Go

Type: Silent video with captions.

Call to Action: Learn More

Caption: “This video by Viral thread shows how you can easily fix your screen slouch with UPRIGHT GO. FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY! pre-order & take $20 off retail price. Tag a friend who needs it!”

Just like with Wantable, Upright’s Instagram video ad uses captions to explain how their product works, while the footage itself demonstrates a person using the product. This is a great ad example because it eliminates all uncertainty for the potential customer as to what the product is, how it works, and why they need it.

The ad caption is longer than the ones we’ve seen so far, they promote this product with a limited time offer to pre-order for $20 off retail price. They also try to incorporate a word of mouth element by encouraging users to “Tag a friend who needs it!”. While this is a great idea, adding that second call to action could potentially distract users from completing the first (and more important) one.


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4. Aaptiv

Type: Video with captions and music (no talking).

Call to Action: Install Now

Caption: Ever take a cardio class at 3am? Trainer-led, audio workouts. Anytime. Anywhere. Prepare to get addicted to cardio!

As with Wantable, this Instagram video ad example contains music that helps to reinforce the brand. The music in this ad is inspirational and upbeat—very appropriate for a fitness app. Aaptiv uses video captions to clarify the product, but they also include customer testimonials, which we haven’t seen in the above examples.

Another element of this Instagram ad that we like is the engaging caption. “Ever take a cardio class at 3am?” is an attention-grabbing question. One last thing to note about Aaptiv’s video ad is that they do a good job at targeting the right audience. They’re not targeting people who hate working out, but rather people who already exercise, but who might not have a schedule conducive to normal training or class hours.


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5. Gaia Yoga

Type: Video with captions and inspirational music (no talking).

Call to Action: Sign Up

Caption: “Rise above the snooze button. Join the world’s most productive people who have discovered the benefits of a morning routine.”

Gaia Yoga’s Instagram video ad caption inspires a sense of community in their viewers by encouraging them to “join the world’s most productive people”. This strategy is also effective as it contains some urgency around the idea of missing out on productivity and other benefits. The video itself offers peaceful imagery, along with bright white and yellow text and certain words italicized.


examples of instagram ads

If you’re thinking about creating an Instagram video ad, think about what imagery, music, language, and captioning can help to convey the message of your brand and the value your business adds. With the right combination, you can tap into a vast audience and attract more customers to your business.

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