• Instagram is Important: Would Your Business Benefit?


People love pretty pictures.

A picture is worth a thousand clicks

This is why Instagram based their business model around pictures. Their posts are square images with an optional caption, not a textual post with an optional attached picture.

This is great for your company; picture-posts are digested easier, can be utilized for ads, and are very popular amongst young professionals.

Advertise Your Business on Instagram

The advertising platform for Instagram has developed rapidly since its debut a year ago. This is due in no small part to the capital and experience of its owner, Facebook. Instagram now has clickable ads, connecting users to the advertiser’s website to sign up, buy, or join. It also will soon use the Facebook ad manager so you can simultaneously create an ad for both Facebook and Instagram with the same API. 

While the ad platform was initially only rolled out to larger businesses and organizations, the availability of Instagram’s advertising will soon expand to local businesses. This means that advertising campaigns will be available to giant multinational corporations AND to local Mom-and-Pop stores, and everyone in between. You’ll be able to reach your ideal consumers through compelling, clickable ad images people love.

Elements of a Great Instagram Account

The best posts on Instagram aren’t easily recognizable as brand images—they blend in with the user’s newsfeed just like any other photo. Advertisers should aim to mimic the imagery produced by similar accounts that their target demographic is likely to follow. Are your customers outdoorsy types? Post images that reflect those interests.

Managing and maintaining a quality account increases your brand awareness. Think of the content produced as being comparable to the ad pages at the beginning of a magazine — yes they serve the purpose of advertising, however, users choose to be subjected to these ads and actually enjoy their ad experience. Instagram users choose to follow your brand’s account; they want to see your posts! 

What makes for the best content?

Aesthetically pleasing images. Intrigue your followers while reassuring them that your account is worth following. Be creative — play with locations, captions, and emoji. The best Instagram posts reflect the personality of the brand, the lifestyle its customers, the aspirations of the brand’s followers, or the products or services your company offers being used in a natural setting.  

Cohesive image style. Images that have a consistent style are optimal, ones that align with the personality of your band and the feel of your target demographics’ newsfeeds. For local businesses, that means posting attractive images of your products, showcasing your employees, #TBT to your businesses’ start, and not constantly circulating promotions or blocky and displeasing sales messages.

Timely posts. Post at an ideal time of day, preferably in the evening hours when people are most likely to be browsing their feeds. And unless there’s some exciting happening, posting no more than once a day is ideal. The goal should not be to dominate a newsfeed, but to pepper that newsfeed with your content.

A well-managed account. Actively “PRing” it through interacting with your followers strengthens the customer relationship and makes your followers feel more involved and a part of your company community. It also allows you to get customer insights through their feedback and their activity on specific content, helping you make informed decisions about future posts.

Instagram is important for businesses

The bottom line is that, whether you like it or not, Instagram is an important social platform for businesses, both through regular posts and on the new ad platform. With an active audience that chooses to pay attention to a brand’s content, utilizing Instagram’s advertising platform is a great marketing decision for any company.

Managing an Instagram account and creating unique, follow-worthy content engages customers and strengthens your customer relationships — surely a great move for business, both big and small.

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