• Holiday Instagram Post Examples and Ideas

Holiday Instagram Post Examples and Ideas

Instagram posts, with pictures, captions, and hashtags, make for excellent marketing tools for your business—whether you’re looking to get more followers, generate leads, increase your engagement, or boost your in-store traffic. Here are some ideas for and examples of using Instagram as a marketing tool during the holiday season to grow your business and delight your audience.

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Holiday Instagram Post Examples and Ideas

Examples of Holiday Instagram Posts

Below are some real examples of small businesses using Instagram to promote their products, delight their customers, and gain new ones, all using holiday themes.

Attract People at Holiday Craft Fairs and Bizaars

Do you sell a product that people can sample? Soaps, lotions, tasty treats (gluten-free or not?). Use Instagram to gain exposure at holiday craft fairs and bizarres. People will enjoy the sensory experience amidst the chaos and will be encouraged to maximize that experience (buying an entire one!) or passing that experience on to others (giving it as a gift!)

A gift that you have already tried—or even just sampled—gives a personal touch and the receiver knows you put thought into it.

Instagram Holiday Post Ideas Attract People

Encourage Local

The shop local theme of the holiday season gets kicked off with Small Business Saturday, but it doesn’t have to stop there! When you’re promoting products during the holidays, especially products that make great gifts or event additions, use #localchristmasshopping and be sure to include other hashtags related to Christmas, holidays, and shopping local.

Holiday Instagram examples ideas encourage local

Highlight Your Products as Gifts

If you create handmade items or customizable products, create Instagram holiday posts with these products. In addition to just showing that your product can be a gift, use hashtags and captions to explain why it makes such a great gift.

Instagram Holiday Examples Great Gift

For more help with Instagram captions, go here.

Post Invites to Your Events

Of course, don’t use Instagram as the only source of promoting your event. With no clickable links, your Instagram post won’t do much to get attendees. However, once you’ve emailed out about the event and posted about it on social media (maybe even created a Facebook event), use a screenshot of the invite, a photo of a physical invite, or a DIY graphic to promote the event on Instagram.

Holiday Instagram examples promote events

Show Off Merchandise

You might have holiday-specific products, or you might display that product in a Christmas setting, or you might present your product as a holiday gift. Seeing the product in gift form can help a potential customer to visualize giving that item as a gift.

holiday instagram examples gifts

holiday instagram ideas present product holiday

Build Community

Even if you’re not able to promote products or services, events or promotions, you can still use Instagram posting during the holidays to build your community. Posting pictures from your local area that spread the holiday spirit, highlight fellow local businesses, and get people excited about annual traditions are great ways to build your community, and build your reputation within your community.

For community-building posts, use location-specific hashtags and be sure to tag your location.

Instagram Holiday Ideas community

Promotions with a Cause

Tis the season of giving. Why not partner up with a charity for your holiday promotion. You might even use your Instagram following to help promote an up-and-coming influencer.

holiday instagram ideas christmas cause

Help Support a Fellow Business or Local Artist

Another holiday Instagram campaign idea is to help promote complimentary businesses or feature a local artist. You may even partner up with them such that they will be promoting you on their end.

holiday instagram ideas feature artists

Post a Promotion Code

In addition to promoting your products as gifts, you might also want to include a promotion code to get more engagement. Of course, be sure to use hashtags and engaging captions to highlight the benefits of the product.

instagram holiday ideas give a discount

12 Days of Tips

If you can’t do a product or prize giveaway, why not do a 12-day-themed campaign on Instagram where you provide something useful on each day?

holiday instagram ideas 12 days useful tips

Create a Schedule of Your Promotions

If you’ve got a lot of holiday promotions going on, you’ll want to promote each deal on the day it occurs as well as a day or two (or more) in advance. To avoid overwhelming followers, you might want to create one master schedule first and post it to Instagram.

Holiday instagram ideas promotion schedule

12 Day Giveaways

There are different ways to do a 12 days giveaway:

  • Give away something different on each of the 12 days.
  • Pick one item to give away every day for 12 days.
  • Run a contest that accepts entrants for 12 days.
  • Simply post something informative for 12 days in a row.
  • Offer a reward for completing an action 12 consecutive days in a row.

instagram holiday examples 12 days

Need help running your giveaway? How to Do an Instagram Giveaway should do the trick!

Other Holiday Instagram Ideas

  • Create a holiday video. You could just say thank you and happy holidays, or post pictures to music that recap the year. Or, you may even do a parody of a traditional holiday song.
  • Create and post simple graphics wishing your customers and followers a happy and healthy new year.
  • Share influencer posts that can help your audience achieve their shopping goals and stay well this season.
  • Let followers in on your more personal side, such as by sharing pictures from family traditions.
  • Post ideas for decorating, cooking, staying healthy, and other ways related to your industry. Ask your followers for their favorites and ideas.

Happy holidays to you and your business! We hope these ideas and examples get you off on the right foot with your holiday Instagram marketing!

This post was published December 2017 and updated November 2018.

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