• This Week in Tech: Instagram Ads for All, Pinterest’s “Buyable Pins” & Facebook’s “Saved Replies”


This week, the tech world saw a few big stories hit the newsstands. In particular, there were a few major social media announcements you don’t want to miss!

So what do we have This Week in Tech?

1. Instagram is rolling out ads for all businesses

Just this week, Instagram announced that their in-feed ads program would be opened up to any and all businesses by the end of the year! When Instagram’s Clickable Ads first launched a few months ago, the feature was limited to select big businesses and organizations. This expansion has been highly anticipated by businesses and marketers alike.

With this new announcement, it appears that local businesses will soon be able to get in on the Instagram ad game! Ads will be targeted with the same capabilities as Facebook ads, that is by age, location, and other demographic filters. And they’ll be offering a variety of ad formats, ideal for different types of campaigns whether you’re aiming for brand awareness or boosting sales.

Stay tuned, as the program will be rolled out gradually through the rest of the year!

2. Pinterest is adding a “Buy” button for in-network purchases

Why click out of Pinterest to buy that item you love? Soon, you won’t have to. Social network/ DIY destination Pinterest announced this week their upcoming “Buyable Pins.” Pinterest users will be able to buy products directly through the social platform, eliminating the need to click through to 3rd party sites. Price, color and size selection, and payment will all take place within Pinterest’s site or app for anything from throw pillows to recipe ingredients.

For businesses, Buyable Pins open up a whole new world of e-commerce where customers can shop your products the instant they see them. Millions of people already use Pinterest to see what their friends and others recommend – this new opportunity means sales on sight when customers see something they just have to have.

Buy buttons should start appearing on Pinterest pins by the end of June!

3. Facebook is testing a “Saved Replies” feature for businesses

This week also saw news from social giant Facebook that could mean increased efficiency for businesses connecting with fans on the site. For when you just don’t have time to type out the same “thank you for your feedback” message over and over again, “Saved Replies” will allow businesses to keep pre-formatted reply messages at the ready to be used as-needed. These canned messages are meant to streamline communication with followers and help companies reach more of their customers with common concerns.

“Saved Replies” means not having to type out the same “We are open Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm” over and over when Facebook users ask about your hours. Write, save, and send your re-usable reply ad nauseam! Use their pre-made reply options, or customize your own message for a personalized customer service touch that you can easily scale.

Facebook is currently testing “Saved Replies” with a few businesses, and will roll out to all business pages in the coming weeks!

It has been a big news week for the Social Media world. Networks are making big changes that will have great impacts on businesses of all sizes. From new marketing opportunities on Instagram to direct product sales via Pinterest and the ability to provide better, faster customer service on Facebook, there’s much to anticipate in social.

How will your business make use of these exciting new changes?

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