Inviting customers back to your business is as easy as writing an email. After all, they signed up because they want to hear from you on a regular basis. Here are some ideas for a newsletter to be mailed around the beginning of June.



June Newsletter Ideas


First, these are the important (marketing) holidays in June:

  • June 17: Father’s Day
  • June 21: First Day of Summer
  • Plus, summer break will start!


Here are some email newsletter ideas around these holidays:

  • Let customers know if and when you have Father’s Day events or special.
  • Create a special for the first day of summer and describe it in the newsletter.
  • Promote any products, services or offers that are needed to prepare for or enjoy summer break with kids.


Other ideas:

  • Add a link to your latest blog post or an interesting blog post from someone else in your industry.
  • A milestone or anniversary for your business – something to celebrate.
  • Updates or changes, such as changed business hours for the summer, new recommendations for parking, construction information, etc.

For more email newsletter ideas: 53 Monthly Email Newsletter Topics and Ideas


Email Newsletter Best Practices


Your subject line must:

  • Grab the reader’s attention, otherwise it will be deleted
  • Not exceed 50 characters—shorter is better
  • Avoid spam trigger words such as “free”, “cheap”, “call”, “click” (use free online resources for more)
  • Avoid all caps and exclamation points
  • Make the email content obvious, to comply with applicable laws

For more subject line help: Email Subject Line Tips, Ideas, and Best Practices


Your message should:

  • Include a headline, body copy, and a call to action
  • Have a photo or image to reinforce your message
  • Be easy to read—keep it short and sweet


When testing:

  • Test your email on your desktop and your phone. Make sure it looks good, is easy to read, and your call to action is above the fold
  • Use spam testing to make sure your email does not end up as spam (use free online resources)


When measuring:

  • Open rates should be above 20%
  • Click-through rates should be above 2%
  • Unsubscribe rate should be less than 0.5%.

For more help with your email marketing metrics: How to Measure the Success of Your Marketing Emails