• How to Write Promotional Emails

How to Write Promotional Emails

As far as technology has come, email marketing is still the most effective way to stay in touch with your target consumers. It allows you to stay at the forefront of their minds so that they can take action on whatever you’re offering when the time is right. Just as a successful email marketing strategy has many different components, writing a solid promotional email has many moving parts. In this post, we’ll cover the everything that needs to align in order to craft promotional emails that get results.

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How to Write Promotional Emails

Before You Start Writing

No matter how short or long an email is, it’s always a good idea to flesh out your strategy beforehand. Below are some essential steps you should take before you begin writing your promotional email.

Decide What You’re Promoting

Before you even start the outline of your email (which you should do every time), you have to decide what the subject is. What are you offering to the reader? Whether it’s a limited time discount, webinar, free eBook, or a rewards program, whatever you’re promoting is going to determine how you craft the entire email.

Identify Why You’re Promoting It

Now that you know what you’re promoting, it’s time to ask yourself why. For instance, you might be offering some free content to move leads further down your sales/marketing funnel, or you might be hosting a webinar to launch your new product and generate some sales. This is going to determine your email wording and overall strategy.

Choose Your Audience

Once you figure out what you’re promoting and why, your target audience should be pretty clear (Meaning, you know your target audience but what segment of your audience are you targeting with this promotional email). Maybe they’re new customers that you’re moving through your sales funnel, or they could even be existing customers you’re trying to get repeat business from. Knowing your audience beforehand will allow you to write a more targeted and effective email.

Tips for Writing Promotional Emails

Send From a Person

These two components of your marketing emails are small but have a huge impact: they have the most power in influencing whether your promotional emails get opened, disregarded, or sent to the trash bin. In the “from” line, instead of using your company name, use your name to add more personal touch. People like to read emails from other humans, not machines (still, be sure to test this out as preferences vary from audience to audience).

how to write promotional emails


Introduce Your Promotion in the Subject Line

47% of emails are opened solely based on the subject line (Source: Invesp). For the subject line of a promotional email, make it specific and quantifiable (if applicable), yet catchy and conversational. Avoid spammy triggers like all caps and the words “free” or “buy now”. A recent study found that 69% of emails are flagged as spam based on only on the subject line (Source: Invesp).

In the below examples, the email subject line captures the gist of the promotion while also injecting a sense of urgency.

how to write promotional emails

how to write promotional emails

Brand Your Header

Unless you insert a preheader, the preview of your email that a recipient sees is typically the first 40-50 characters of the email header.  As such, it should be engaging and give the reader a snapshot of what the email is about so they have a reason to continue investing their time. Utilize this limited space to create a strong hook that piques interest and curiosity. Since it’s also the first they see of the email once they open it, it’s also good practice to include your logo and attractive branding in the header.

how to write promotional emails


how to write promotional emails


Break Up the Body of a Promotional Email

Depending on the subject of your email, the body is going to vary in length. You want to keep it concise and break up lengthier blocks of text into smaller paragraphs so it’s easier for your readers to digest. A wall of text is a great way to get the reader to back out and trash the email.

As you touch on multiple topics throughout the email, be sure to include links to more in-depth content so it doesn’t take up precious email real estate. This will also keep the reader engaged with your brand by drawing them to the website.

Above all else, you must include a call to action. Whatever the goal of your email is, make sure it’s clear and actionable. Your email should have a nice flow that leads your readers to the desired result.

Add a Professional Signature

Spend some time to create a professional signature that allows you to identify yourself, your role in the company, and provides the reader with additional contact information. It adds a nice personal touch and helps you stand out in the sea of emails that make up their inbox.

Add Visuals to Your Promotional Email

No email is complete without some high-quality pictures. Rather than using the same stock photos that every company in your industry uses, try creating your own with free image creation platforms such as Canva. It doesn’t take much time, and it’s another easy way to brand yourself. While pictures are effective, don’t go too overboard with them. You have to find the perfect balance between text, white space, and image usage to create a wholesome-looking email.

Tracking and Measuring Promotional Emails

The only way you’re going to get better at crafting killer promotional emails is by monitoring your progress. Use tracking links and marketing email software to get a live pulse from your campaign and see what your audience is engaging with the most. By doing this, you’re going to gain the invaluable knowledge of understanding what your readers want and what they don’t want.

Test Your Promotional Email First

Never ever send out an email without first giving it a full test drive. Proof it multiples times and send it to yourself, friends, family, coworkers, or pretty much anyone that’s not the intended recipient. The point in doing this is to see how the email appears to everyone on different platforms and devices.

Pay special attention to the way it looks on a mobile device. A recent study found that 66% of ALL email is read on a mobile phone. Here is more on optimizing your emails for mobile.

Email that Promotion Out!

Once you’ve proofed it a hundred times and run every test you can think of, give your promotional email one final inspection. It may sound a little over the top, but you need to make sure your email has the best chances of being opened once it lands in the inbox of your audience. If everything checks out and all systems are go, you’re ready to send your well crafted promotional email to the masses for consumption.

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